37- Coach's daughter

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"Daaaaad why do I have to come?"

I whined as dad and I walked into the Camp to see the guys warming up.

"Because you have to get out of the house and do something" 

he replied walking over to a group of boys greeting him.

"Hey coach who is this beautiful lady here"

a tan man said winking at me.

"My daughter now get back to training boys , Neymar you stay here "

My dad told them .

The tan man stayed behind like my dad told him .

So he must be Neymar.

"Yes coach ?"

He asked a bit worried .

"Don't flirt with my daughter"

my dad said and passed Neymar .

I laughed and Neymar looked at me .

"Why are you laughing? "

"I'm laughing at the fact that he thinks you were flirting with me"

I looked away .

"You're right why would I flirt with you"

he said shaking his head.

Well that hurts.

"I mean why would a flirt with you , why would I flirt with a beautiful girl like you,  you surely have a boyfriend , he must be lucky "

he said looking at me.

"I don't have a boyfriend "

I said to him blushing after he called me beautiful.

"You don't ?"

He asked shocked .

I shook my head looking down.

"Well then let's start again , hello I'm Neymar and I'd like to take you on a date "

He said coming close to me.

"I'd like that , just don't let my dad find out"

"My lips are sealed"

"They better or he's gonna end you"

Weird one .

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