Can I Be Happy With You?-Second-

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I had almost figured that this morning would consist of another argument having to do with the shower. I soon after figured that since i had come home late, Daimyn would deserve for me to share a shower with him. So that's what happened. We took a shower together. I was dissapointed in the fact that mine only lasted five minutes in comparrison to about an hour. I got to enjoy hearing Daimyn whine about not wanting me to leave today since it was his off day. I love this guy. Even though he can't cook scrambled eggs worth a crap, and i always end up leaving for school on an upset stomach; i love him. Saying goodbye for the day to Daimyn was the worst. We ended up wrestling in the doorway, my hair ended up being a wreck, and i was worn out. I mean, only Daimyn would grab someone by the waist while theyre trying to leave, and still not let them go after the bites and screams.

I was late to school this morning, so i skipped my lunch, which resulted in an angry phone call. I got to work too early, which meant i'd have to do the first assignment given, which was always the hardest. Today was my day to run the errands for our boss man. He wanted me to drive to a whole nother county to get him a county newspaper. I had to pick his aunt up from the airport, take her back to his place, and then go back to work to write a blog on my thoughts of that county's newspaper. My boss has always had at least one task that had no relation to work, but that was just him.

I had come home that night a bit before midnight, and was greeted by a letter on the front door. Daimyn had gone to the club, leaving me to sleep alone tonight. Stuff like this doesn't bother me, because one time i'd followed him to the club. He doesn't do anything. Doa talk, doesn't flirt with the pretty ladies that give him sideways glances, and he won't even drink. He just finds a table with his friends, and sits there. Doing absolutely nothing. That night when he'd come home he acted like he had an amazing time, had swallowed down some beer, and acted like he'd been wasted. I know my husband though. He'd be too scared of what i'd do to him if he did anything at the club. That's why he puts on a show for me. We both know i have him weak, we both know that he'd be lost without me, and we both know that he loves me with all his might. Or so he tells me.

When he had come home it was a bit after three in the morning, he woke me up when he got into bed. Tonight he smelled like tequila, but when i lightly kissed him i could tell he hadn't had any. Tequila's were my favorite, and i knew what they tasted like. He had simply settled for a beer, and some sort of virgin tequila. Cuddling up against was good, because today would be my day off, and i got to be the lonely one.

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