Chapter Twenty Three-"And I have no idea about your granny panties"

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Chapter Twenty Three-"And I have no idea about your granny panties"

So you know how every once in a while you have those bad days; you know the kind where your hair is all out of place and you can’t seem to find the right clothes and not to mention that you may have misplaced your contact lenses so you were forced to wear thick glasses that belonged to an eighties geek? Well that bad day was happening to me and what made it get worse was that I had less than an hour to get ready for my date with Dave.

Firstly let’s get one thing straight, I did not lose my contact lenses, I just left them somewhere in the house where I couldn’t seem to remember. Secondly, my hair had been acting up the whole day mainly because of the humid air and the whole frizz that seemed to torture me whenever the air got just a tad bit warmer. And lastly, my clothes were in the washing. I blame my mother since she was too preoccupied with wedding preparations that she forgot about dry cleaning which in turn made her forget about getting any supper so I ended up cooking.

Yes cooking and I didn’t exactly get along. And coming to cooking, did I forget to mention that I may have burnt the chicken I was trying to roast? But in my defence, roasting chicken wasn’t as easy as it seemed on TV. You had to make sure that the chicken didn’t stay in the oven over an hour or maybe two or you know three while you may have been digging around the house because you misplaced your contact lenses and maybe was trying to also look for an outfit to wear in the process.

“I think you look cute,” Juliet commented, as she took in my appearance.

I snorted, “Jules, I need to look more than just cute.”

“Why? It’s just a date with Dave and you’re clearly way out of his league,” Juliet replied, “If anything, he should be panicking about the date not you.”

I fiddled with my glasses before glancing at my reflection in the mirror. My hair which had frizzed into a massive ball of curls and static was braided back tightly so that there were just a few strands that seemed to have fought their way out. I wore a simple blue dress-top over a pair of shorts which came up to just above my knees. My makeup was on a bare minimum with just a coat of lip gloss and some eyeliner and of course there was the fact that I resembled a school girl going to do homework instead of go on a date to my boyfriend’s house.

“I might meet his parents,” I replied, “and then they’re going to think that I’m some freaky nerd helping him with his homework.”

Juliet grinned at me before answering in a smug tone, “But you’re already doing that with Sean.”

I fought the blush away but eventually lost the battle and resorted to rolling my eyes at Juliet who was smirking at me widely. Huffing I retorted, “You know I don’t appreciate my best friend implying stuff about me and Sean.”

Juliet faked innocence, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“And I have no idea about your granny panties,” I replied with a smile.

“Take that back Viv!” Juliet threatened, “You know I have to wear them when I’m on my period,” she whispered, glancing around even though there was no one else in my room.

I frowned at her before grinning slightly, “Fine, fine I take it back.”

Juliet opened her mouth to reply when my phone began to buzz. I glanced at it then at Juliet who nodded for me to answer it before mouthing, ‘I’ve got to go’ which meant that she had to go to work as a waitress at her father’s restaurant and then as soon as she was off her shift, she’d be phoning me for all the details about my date with Dave. I rolled my eyes at her as she bounced away happily before I picked up my phone to see a text from Dave.

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