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The weather was foggy. Dark clouds fell over the town like smoke escaping a pipe. The streets were hardly visible in the dense fog. Harvey Scott stood patiently at the large window of his hall. He watched the people who struggled to adjust to the sudden drop in temperature. The cold chilled their bones and he observed as a mother clutched her little child to protect him from the icy shivers.

Harvey was waiting for his son-in-law. He had waited eight years for this moment and today the day was finally here. His son was returning but the worrisome look portrayed by Harvey's face made it seem like he was unsure of whether the man would return.

Had he killed him?

He had gone to visit his daughter in the morning but then returned leaving James Dawson behind. Harvey had later on visited once again with some groceries only to find that James was gone and Eliza was sitting alone in the hall. She had been sick for an entire month and Harvey was getting worried as he watched her call for her husband. He even regretted his decision of sending the boy back. However, he didn't want to think about what might have happened if the boy hadn't gone.

Suddenly, wisps of smoke passed by Harvey's eyes and he stilled. He turned around, very slowly, almost fearing the result he was going to see. He saw smoke covering every inch of his room and he couldn't see any signal thing except it but then, bit by bit, the smoke cleared and Harvey saw the boy.

William was on the floor, the steady rise and fall of his chest made him appear to be in a calm and peaceful sleep and Harvey sighed in relief as he put a hand on his chest, saying a silent prayer to God. He stepped towards William and suddenly, the boy opened his eyes. Harvey stopped midway and watched the various emotions cross William's face and observed as he looked down at him.

William got up, his eyes hovering over every corner of the room until they rested on Harvey. They looked at each other for some time and then, a grin claimed William's lips.

"Aye, Aye, professor!" he said, getting up and standing straight.

He wore a white shirt and grey trousers and unlike the last time his clothes were intact and William himself appeared to him perfectly well too, proving Harvey's theory correct.

"I knew it!" Harvey exclaimed, proudly.

William raised an eyebrow and gave him a questioning glance.

"What happened?" he asked.

"The time machine. You broke it, son, that's the reason why your travel to the past was unstable. Remember? You had woken up in a forest, your clothes were torn and you were sick but now, you are fine because the device that sent you was not broken. See boy? My theory was correct! Ah!"

William stared at him, blankly.

"I will never understand you, Dad, will I?" he remarked and that earned him a laugh from Harvey.

"You need a much larger brain for that, boy!" Harvey said and William smirked.

"Such a proud man you are. As much as I would have loved to have a conversation about your misdeeds, I have to beg your pardon for I am in desperate need to see my wife. Is she here?"

Harvey stopped smiling and his face turned serious.

"She is back at your house. The media is creating problems for her and even though I asked her to come and stay with me, she didn't want the media to follow."

"You left her alone? She is pregnant for God's sake!" William exclaimed and before Harvey could justify his actions, William was rushing out of the door.

"Wait, son!" Harvey called out. "It's cold outside!"

He shouted after his daughter's husband but the boy was gone and the front door was slammed shut. Harvey cursed himself and sat down on the couch.

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