71 | How he asked you on your first date

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Date: 5.21.20
Info: how they asked you to go on a date with them for the first time.

Ponyboy: Ponyboy told Sodapop to ask you if you wanted to go out.

Pony was a little shy when it came to talking to you so he figured he could have his older brother do the talking. It was a little awkward on your part having Soda ask you out for Pony, but you'd been wanting to go on a date with Ponyboy for quite some time so you wouldn't let that get in the way.

Sodapop: He left his number on a receipt at the DX.

You only knew Sodapop through the various stops at the DX which included constant flirting. It was around the 7th or 8th time you'd visited the gas station, when you arrived home from the DX you noticed a phone number on the receipt Soda had given you. You called the number later that day and arranged a date with Soda for that weekend.

Darrel: You or Darrel didn't even have to ask because you were already dating.

You and Darrel had a long-standing friendship, and with just one kiss your friendship turned into a romantic relationship. Darrel was already your boyfriend for a while before you went on anything that would be considered a real date. No one necessarily asked "do you want to go on a date" it kind of just happened because you were already a couple.

Dallas: You lost a bet against Dally.

You were friends with the gang and Dal for a while but it was always obvious Dally had a crush on you, he flirted like crazy. One day you and some of the gang (including Dally) were at the drag races. Dally declared a bet: if the car he chose won, he could take you on a date. Dally's car ended up winning and you stuck to your word.

Two-bit: He didn't ask, but tricked you into a date.

You were friends with Two-bit for awhile and according to the gang, he liked you for a while. You never noticed until this nights though (which the gang ridicules you for, saying it was obvious all along). Two-bit called you up saying the gang were all going to the lake to hangout around sunrise, Two told you he'd pick you up and take you since he knew you couldn't drive. When you arrived to the lake no one was there, and a small picnic was set up by the water. You immediately knew what was going on and told Two-bit he could've just asked you on a date, you would have said yes.

Johnny: You were on a date with another guy.

You were on a casual Saturday night date at the nightly double with a guy from school who'd asked you out earlier in the week. You and your classmate had been enjoying the movie in the car for quite some time, not talking because each time you did some disagreement would come up, until he started wanting to get.. handsy. You yelled at him "what do you think you're doing?" before things got too uncomfortable, and Johnny showed up at the side of your car door. "Are you alright?" he asked which received some foul comment from your date. You asked Johnny if he'd walk you home, you were uncomfortable with your date. On the walk home he asked if he could show you a better movie date the next weekend, you happily agreed to.

Steve: You actually asked Steve out and he laughed at you.

You had a crush on Steve for some time. Soda picked up quickly and you even confided your crush to him since you and Soda were such close friends. Steve however couldn't pick up on any of your cues. After some convincing from Soda you'd finally worked up the nerve to ask Steve out when you saw him in the hallway at school the next day. Steve laughed thinking you were joking and went on with the rest of his school day.. you were heartbroken. At his shift at the DX later that day Soda (who you poured your heart out to on the phone earlier, crying about Steve) told Steve the truth. Steve called you later that night, explained and apologized about earlier, and asked you on a date for that upcoming weekend.

Tim: The first time he asked you out you rejected him.

You were a part of Dally's gang, dating a Shepard seemed completely foreign to you. Tim however, could never take no for an answer. It was a mixture of both his ego not being able to hear "no" and you being the only girl he'd ever fell for. You were rejecting his dates weekly for 5 months until you finally gave in, thinking that would solve the problem. You ended up having the best night of your life with Tim on that one date, which became the first of many.

To be Continued...
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