I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 27 Final

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Chapter 27

Skyler’s POV

Midnight. The grandfather clock in the foyer chimed. I paced in the moonlight, in the ball room. Adam had gone to bed, my fingers trailed over the piano keys. I thought of Galen and I fighting under the moon’s watch. Our figures, shadows entwining together as we collided. Adrenaline thriving and fraying our nerves. I retraced my steps, closing my eyes, every movement, I repeated in the open space, the sweet tune of the wind whistling through the trees, guiding us in an endless dance. But when I opened my eyes, I returned back to the real world. What Adam had convinced me of….made me feel incredible guilt. On one part, I did it to keep him out of my mind, to find his vulnerable spot. He had one and that was sex. I laid down on the hard sofa, staring out the wide window. I held back tears, I wanted Galen back. I didn’t want it to be this way; I wished he hadn’t seen me that way, so disassembled, as if…it was timed for the demise of our love relationship. How could they have possibly…of all times...

I rose from the sofa. No more time wasted on spilt tears and painful memories. It was time to cut my ties. Adam set me up. An all-powerful changeling just happened to let his shield down, full well knowing if anything was a mile close to the barrier right after he bedded me. Oh paybacks a bitch. I slowly walked up the stairs, into the elegant bedroom, I parted the curtains, holding a thick kitchen knife.

“Adam, my love. Wake up.” I must admit, he looked like a sexy god, staring at me with golden cat eyes. I clutch the knife tightly, positioning it above his heart.

“Are you really going to kill me Sally? You want freedom that badly that you would murder me?” He was already back to his senses. “Go ahead.” He encouraged, staring into my eyes. “Kill me, but you don’t have the heart, you don’t want to kill, you never have.”

I swallowed, eyes welling with tears, my hands holding the knife, it dug ever so slightly into his flesh. He never looked away, watching my shaking form trying to kill not only him but the life I was living.

“Sally, if that is your name, I won’t make you stay any longer.” I struggled to comprehend what he had spoken.

“What?” I choked. He wiped my tears.
“Don’t cry. I didn’t mean for them to intrude, I know now, I will never be enough for any woman I bring here.” He said, he clasped my hands, the knife quivering, drawing blood.

“What I felt when we were entwined, brought me to such an emotional level, I couldn’t…control the shield. I’m sorry your loves saw you like that.”

“You misunderstand…I only have one.”

“Oh? But I felt love from both.”
“I know, one abandoned me and I developed feelings for another, I will never forgive him.”

“I see and I believe you.”

“I needed time, my heart belongs to Galen.”
“I’m sorry I had made you look so vulnerable. He will take you back, how long have you known him?” Adam asked with such selflessness I felt safe. I drew the knife away and flung it to the other side of the room. It stuck in the wall. I licked the blood that had pooled on his chest. He made a growl-like noise and gave me a lustful look. I shoved myself back, standing on the carpet.
“About two months…”

“Ah young love.”
“You know nothing about love!” I hissed.

“That may be true, but I desire your happiness Skyler, whether that means, you leave me or stay by my side. You are now an awakened solstice once more, you have more power over your future than you did with your fake human self.”

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