Come In

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On a morning just like any other Edwin woke up with a peep in his step he had a feeling that things maybe looking up for him

He hops out of bed and brushes his teeth listening to trap niggas grooving to the song

Sandy: Edwin

She scares him out of his groove

Sandy: Make sure The House is clean when I get home I might be running a little late so you will have to find something to eat

Edwin: Ok

After that he got dressed and left for school

The day went smoothly as usual and lunch time came around

Abigail: What up nerd

Edwin: Dam so your stilll talking to yourself huh

She playfully socks him in his shoulder

Abigail: So when are we going to play bt3 so I can whoop you

Edwin: First off your not beating me so let's stop that crazy talk secondly idk cant we go and play at your house

Abigail: Unfortunately no my parents would question me to death and get mad at me for bringing a boy home

Edwin then thought of a risky idea

Edwin: Well we could play at my house Sandy said she would be out pretty late so we should have the house to ourselves

Abigail: Oh wow that's perfect I don't think I will that much time to beat yo as at bt3

Edwin: Dam you really belive that lie don't you

Abigail: Alright don't say anything when I Beat you

They continued to debate who would win and if they should do tag team battles or not but in the back of Edwins head he was terrified if sandy comes home and sees abiagail he's going to be in for a long night

Timeskip to after school

Edwin: So this is my house

She takes a couple of seconds to admire the houses size and they walk in as he leads her up to his room and turns on the ps2 and hands her a controller

Edwin: Get things set up while I go straighten up some things

Abigail: Got ya

After he finishing the dishes he was all done and headed up to his room

Abigal: alright the first match will be teen Gohan vs broly

Edwin: Oh say less

Timeskip a few hours

After 14 different matches they were evenly matched and going for the tie breaker

Edwin: I'm surprised you were even able to keep up with me

Abigail: Right back at you

Edwin: But this round your going down

Abigail: In your dreams

But as Edwin was taking the upper hand Sandy opens his bedroom door

Edwin paused the game frozen in fear for a couple of seconds until sandy says

Sandy: Oh I didnt know we had a guest over

He reluctantly replies with

Edwin: Yeah we were just playin some video games

Sandy: Oh that's nice but Edwin can you come here for a second I have some groceries in the car I need you to help me go get

Edwin: Alright I'll be back Abby

As they go down the stairs and into the garage she tells him to check the back seat for the groceries and as he does that sandy pushes him inside the backseat and close the door covering his mouth and straddles him

Sandy: Now what did I tell you about bringing people over to my house if shes not a client she shouldn't be in my house

She uncovers his mouths and he says

Edwin: Ok I got it

She leaned back and could feel something hitting her womanhood and she looked down to see that it was his member

Sandy: Oh your a horny little slut arent you getting hard for any woman that dominates you huh

Edwin covers his face in embarrassment

Edwin: Its not like that I cant control when it wants to come up

Sandy: No you like being dominated you like being a little bottom bitch don't you

She starts to grind on his member and with her being sexually frustrated for a while now didnt help Edwin out in that situation either

Sandy: Now call your little friend and tell her to get the fuck out of my house NOW

Edwin knowing he couldnt do anything else called Abigail downstairs

Abigail: Where are you

Edwin: I'm in the back seat

He rolls down the window

Abigail: Wait the groceries were in the back seat

Edwin: Yeah but one of the bags ripped so now I have to put some of the stuff in a new bag

Abigail: Dam I hate when that happened

Edwin: Yeah but anyway I'm sorry to have to do this to you but I have some family business I have to tend to

Abigail: No it's cool well just pick back up some other time

Edwin: Alright I'll see you tomorrow

And with that's she leaves and sandy proceeds to give into her urges and Edwin was her outlet for that

She has now fell victim to his charm just like so many others have but before they got down and dirty she grabbed him by his hand and lead him up to her bedroom a place he never thought he would be in after hours

Sandy: Now lay on the bed

As he does so she does what all the other "customers" do and a night of lust commenced but what they didn't know was that they were making a movie and the camera women was none other than Abigail knowing something was up because of the Mrs. Gonzales incident she decided to do some spy work and see what was really going on and now she's 2 for 2

Abigail: I never would have guessed things were this bad

She had to keep recording so she would have evidence of what shes done to Edwin

Abigail: Sorry that you have to go through that eddy but it's all a part of the process to save you darling

And with that she sneaks out of the house and back to her own

Abigail: Now that I have some evidence I have to confront her about this and see how she squeals for me

What have you been forced into Edwin...

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