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Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)

Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)

Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)

Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)



This relationship, which started with a mere "coincidence", gradually evolved into a bloodless and aggressive contest. They distrust each other but attract one another. They constantly challenge each other's bottom line between suspicion and temptation. What starts off with warmth eventually turns into coldness.

They are suspicious and tentative. Between them constantly challenged each other's bottom line, soberly fell, lost in emotion, and eventually cocooned themselves. As the plot advances, readers can't help but wonder whether this emotional game, like a game full of calculations and means, will be able to bloom after losing on both sides.

At the end of the game, who will win it all?

Translator's Own Description of the Story: We have an older Uke who is 30+ years old and a younger Seme of about 11 years difference. The Uke was reluctant at first. The Seme is constantly pursuing the Uke but he has his own agendas as well which will be very unacceptable for the Uke. The Uke's trust will constantly be betrayed. The Seme is the possessive, jealous type and has a double personalities (aggressive and childish at times). Of course, in ShuiQianCheng's novel, if you don't bleed enough and are not crazy enough, that's not love and you can't be redeemed. 😝

*DISCLAIMER: I am not the original author of this work, I am just the translator. Keep in mind that I am not Chinese so my knowledge in Chinese is quite limited but I will try my best to translate this book to you in the simplest manner so that it will be easy for you to understand. It might slightly differ from some of the original meaning. And please do not repost this anywhere else. I spent a long and hard time to translate, at least let's be civilized. This is one of my favorite work from the author; Shui Qian Cheng. All credit goes to the original author.

*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: Also, I tend to mix present and past tenses in my translation. I have no idea why I did it but I decided not to change it. Hope you guys will bear with me. And to the readers who had read original stories written by me, do take note that this story is far from the kind of stories that I wrote since this is another author's work so I hope you guys won't get confused. With that being said, hop on and enjoy!


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