Chapter 5

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It had been a major attack with over thirty causalities. Both the KDF and the insurgent sides had lost along with the Somali National Army. From the moment they reached the hospital, Rachel worked tirelessly, preparing patients for operations, dressing wounds and giving any other necessary assistance to the doctors. For about five hours, she did not rest or see martin as he was on high demand. When she finally got the much needed break, she sat with a group of orderlies from Kenya. As they chattered on in Kiswahili, she browsed through her phone, while listening in on their gossip. It seemed there was way more drama in their base than at the hospital she worked in.

Back in Kampala, there had been a strike by students of Makerere University as could be seen on the online accounts of most Ugandan news outlets. This did not come as a surprise to Rachel. They happened every semester as there was always something that made the students dissatisfied. Rachel had not attended there so she did not know much but she had heard that sometimes they organized strikes just to get out of lectures, when they needed a break from studies. This time it was about a proposed fees increment. Rachel went on to read other news articles. Checking her WhatsApp there were no new messages. Her friends seemed to forget she existed after a week’s disappearance. They all cared during the first weeks of training but now didn’t bother to find out if she was dead or alive, knowing how dangerous the mission was.

“Hey,” she heard a familiar voice. And looked up to see Martin standing behind her.

“Hi,” she smiled weakly, unable to be happy under such extreme exhaustion.

“How are you holding up?” She asked, looking around. All the chairs were occupied. She stood up, having relaxed enough. “I think you need this seat more than I do.”

“I used to think you didn’t care about me,” he smiled and placed himself on the chair.

“Don’t read too much into it,” Rachel told him with narrowed eyes. “I’d do it for any other person who needed a chair more than I did.”

“You enjoy causing me pain don’t you?” He faked sadness and it almost looked real and she wanted to reach out and touch his face. But, she balled her fingers into fists instead. What was wrong with her?

“I find your ridiculous statements very annoying.” she commented.

“I think I’m the love of your life.”

Now, he was starting cross his boundaries and she didn’t like it one bit. If he was not her superior, she would have struck his head by now. It was time to change subject.

“How are you patients doing?”

“Why are you so desperate to change the subject?”

Rachel gave no answer but she knew she didn’t want to waste her time talking nonsense.

“Do you ever wonder why I chose you to accompany me here?” he asked, looking up at her.

“I don’t need to,” Rachel said. “My work is excellent and anyone would want me to assist them. I don’t have much experience but I know I’m good at what I do, doctor Tilleman.”

He grinned, shaking his head. “It’s because I enjoy your company.”

“Haha,” she said.

“Your work is perfect, too.”

A nurse vacated a seat and Rachel slumped on it. She hated when martin flirted with her and she could’ve just walked away but there was something that made him irresistible. She stayed.

“So what is your story, Rachel?”

“My story?”

“Yes, I want to know more about you.”

“There not much to know. Besides, you’re the head of the hospital. Look through my file and get all info you want.”

“Your impossible, my lady.”

“I’m not your lady,” she said through clenched teeth, a warning to him.

“Keep telling yourself that until you find yourself in my arms.”

This time, Rachel laughed. “Dream on, Romeo.” She strode away.

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