A View of This Worlds Manipulitive Society

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When you look in someone's eyes you see a story. Everyone's broken in a way, but no one can recognize each individuals problems. Our problems our unique to us like a fingerprint. These problems are the root of each's inner story. Each story has a conflict and your story to fight it just like your life. Some stories may seem small, but to those people they mean the world.

Readings ones true story is impossible because one never knows they're own full story. Today everyone has become so egocentric and phycological that human manipulation is happening more then ever. You may never know when you do it because it's become second nature to most.

Think about this statement long and hard in your head: Once you think about something long and hard in your head. It becomes a part of your phycological state in your mind. Your mind tries to processes it and it comes out as something you like or something you don't like. Your mind stays on this subject longer them expected lingering into the abysses of your mind. You act one way, but speak another. You feel one way, but understand the other.

This is the key principal in the concept of today's society. Keying manipulation at its hight. It was just a simple accident they said, but deep down inside you take it personally, and your friends don't feel there manipulation the way you do because they're being fooled by another poison, ignorance. Your sitting there breaking inside, and they feel that it's alright. You stare at them with hurt in your eyes, but they never notice.

A true friend can read your signal in a sign of distress and help you, but today reading ones distress has become increasingly difficult. Today girls and boys have been polluted with dirty minds and stupidity to the real world. They use manipulation without even knowing it because it's all they know to get there way. These jerks are the very thing that will one day bring society down and crumble.

If this is to hard for you them STOP READING PLEASE! Some times the truth hurts anyway.

Bullying is an act of manipulation, arguing is an act of manipulation, hanging in a group of friends is an act of manipulation, and even just hinting at something is an act of manipulation. Don't you see this? The sad part is no one knows all the manipulation in this world. The only way people seem to succeed in almost anything know-of-days is manipulation! Manipulation is everywhere! Manipulation is one of the man causes that people become broken! They're own story broken due to someone taking control. You have to let people be them not manipulate them! Manipulation is not they way to fix all your problems, but you can start by excepting you contribute to this problem.

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