A Better Life (End)

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His whole body feels cold, freezing in fact. He can feel the water slowly dragging him deeper...

And deeper.......

and deeper........

and even more deeper........


Sanskar gasped, his mind going hazy at the loss of air as he struggled to sit. He heaves a deep breath, coughing at the sudden pressure he feels on his chest tried to normalize his breathing.

Everything felt real. The touch of the water on his body as he sink.
The tears in his eyes when he cried until he can't.
The pain of his heart shattering into pieces, and the cold body of his lover against him.

Those things happened!

He grasped whatever in his hand as his  head hurts like hell.
Crushing the soft material under his Palm hi focus crushing the soft material under his Palm he focused on his surrounding.

His confused eyes travelled down to his hand only to realise that he was clutching into his blanket.

Where am.....I?

Sanskar looked around, realisation drowned in him. He was in a room, his bedroom to be exact.


He clutched his heart, feeling it still pounding. He covered his face with his hands and memories flooded into him.

I was drowning, then w-why I'm here?

He look down to check his body for any wound caused by his body falling in water.

But there was none, he was perfectly fine. His body started shivered unable to process whatever happening.
He felt sudden fear,his mind threatened to blow up.

M I dead? Is this a illusion?

Sanskar's vision moved to a huge mirror place in the right side of the room.

He slowly stood out of the bed, took few shaky steps forward staring at his own reflection.

He pinched himself hard to confirm that's it's not a dream, a yelp escaped his mouth as he felt the sharp pain.

He slowly lift his hand to touch his cheek but his eyes widened in shock when he notice the clock handing on the opposite side wall.

No way.......

He turn around to get a proper look at the watch.

27 December 2019

I-impossible" his legs turned into jelly, he allowed himself to fall with a loud thud. Hands shaking , chest beating loudly almost making him deaf.

D-did he turn back time?

Cause he was damn sure the swara died on 27 January.
He could never forget that fateful day.

What the hell is happening?

He was lost in though when the door of the room opened.

"Hey! I heard something fall, is everything --------- okay?"

Sanskar couldn't believe his eyes. His face turned pale and eyes widened like ocean.

Standing by the door breathing and alive was his wife.

"S-swara?" Barely escaped his mouth, lips trembling as tears began to trickle down his face.

Swara frowned looking at her husband who was sitting down on the floor like a lost child, who had seen a ghost.

"A-are you okay?" She crouch down infront him.

She reached out to touch her husband's face. This is the first time she saw him so vulnerable.

She cupped his face, but soon felt a strong arms of Sanskar around her. He was hugging her so tightly that it was getting a bit difficult to breathe.

"Hey what's wrong?"she managed to ask her husband, whose face was buried on the crook of her neck.

"S-Sanskar?" Swara hesitantly asked as she felt her husband's body shaking.

Swara almost melted, hearing the faint sobs coming from Sanskar's lips. She could feel his body shaking even more as her neck getting wet by tears.

"Thank god! thank god!"Sanskar mumbled has he cried  pouring out the pent up  emotions in his heart.

"W-why you are acting like this? you are confusing me!"Swara mumbled caressing  Sanskar's back with her hand.

Sanskar didn't answer but continued to cry like a child.

Sanskar slowly come down and stared  at his love's face, no words  leaving his lips.

Sanskar cupped her warm face with his palms and her kissed her.

He kissed her like there's no tomorrow.

He kissed her with all love which  he never thought he'll able to show her again.

The love that they have for the second chance.

Sanskar might be confused and scared, but he would think about those things now.

What matters more was that Swara was back.

Now that he had a second chance to live a better life, he  will do anything to show his love to Swara and fulfill all his promises.

He promised that he will not messed up this time......

..............THE  END


Finally it's the end hope you like it.

Stay safe!

Stay happy!


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