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the rays of sunlight peaked through the gap of wonwoo's grey curtains, blanketing the cuddling pair in warmth as the two were nuzzled against each other. wonwoo rested in the crook of mingyu's neck, the first thing he smells when he wakes up being mingyu's strong cologne.

his eyes fluttered open, inching himself away from mingyu to see the younger still sound asleep, snoring quietly. an endearing smile formed on wonwoo's lips, his eyes travelling down each feature of mingyu's face and taking time to admire everything.

it only took a few seconds to realise that they had slept in the same bed, and that last night really did happen, a rosy tint masking his cheeks. his face became even redder after seeing that mingyu was completely topless, assuming mingyu had taken it off from the temperature of the room being too hot. somehow, wonwoo's eyes trailed the lines of mingyu's slightly toned abs, tempted to feel them.

"good morning, baby. like what you see?"

wonwoo was scared out of his trance, the colour of his face the same of a tomato. his eyes looked up to mingyu smirking, one of his brows up as he looked at wonwoo. "s-shut up." wonwoo mumbled, feeling more embarrassed than ever. "b-baby?"

"you don't like it? i can just call you hyung if you're not comfortable with it." mingyu said in a worried tone. as much as mingyu wanted to shower with loving kisses and call him baby all the time, he didn't want to over step wonwoo's boundaries, he wanted wonwoo to be comfortable.

"no, it's okay. i actually like it when you call me that." wonwoo sheepishly said, looking down from not being able to meet mingyu's eyes. wonwoo was weak for pet names, and was embarrassed for mingyu to know how much he liked them. mingyu chuckled quietly at wonwoo's shy behaviour and just kissed the latter's forehead. "then i'll make sure to call you that then, baby."

"can i use your shower?" mingyu asked

wonwoo nodded and then said, "it's in the next room, the towels are in the cupboard next to the sink."

mingyu tossed the duvet covers off from his exposed body, making his way to the bathroom that was in the next room, only wearing the jeans he had fallen asleep in. wonwoo would be lying if he said he wasn't looking at mingyu's toned biceps and torso.

wonwoo stayed in bed, wrapped in the duvet with his hair sticking up in all directions, his silky pyjama top partially falling off his shoulder. it was eight in the morning, having an hour until school started, but didn't feel like going today, wanting to spend the day with mingyu instead.

if it were past wonwoo, the idea of missing school on purpose was something he could never bring himself to do. but recently, whenever he was with mingyu, he would want to spend every second with the latter. maybe this is what it's like to be in love.

but could he even call it love?

maybe he didn't deserve to call what he was feeling love because of how foreign these feelings were. and to be honest, he felt a bit guilty. mingyu was wearing his heart on his sleeve, telling wonwoo so openly on how he feels and how he wants this to work- whilst wonwoo isn't even sure what love is or what it's like to feel it, too afraid to commit too much in case he got hurt again.

he felt so guilty, so selfish, so confused- but maybe he shouldn't think about it too much. overthinking it will only end up making his thoughts even more messed up. maybe he will just let his heart do what it wants.

he was snapped out of his thoughts when mingyu walked into the room, water dripping from the ends of his hair, and a towel wrapped around his waist. wonwoo's mouth was left ajar, his eyes on mingyu as filthy images started to appear in his head, his face reddening for the nth time this morning.

"you okay, baby?" mingyu smirked, knowing full-well that wonwoo was not okay and the affect he was having on the elder.

"u-hm yeah. i'll get you some spare clothes." wonwoo said, hopping of the bed and making his way towards his wardrobe on the other side of the room. "they may be a little small, but they'll do."

"it's okay, i can just quickly run to my house to get a spare uniform, it's not far." mingyu suggested, to which wonwoo chuckled.

"why would you wear your school uniform on our date?" wonwoo asked as he pulled one of his bigger shirts from it's hanger.

"we're not going to school?" mingyu said with a shocked tone. "i thought you hated missing school." he took the shirt and other clothes wonwoo gave him, thanking him.

"i don't feel like going today, i want to relax and spend today with you." wonwoo said as he closed the door. he tured around and was surprised to find mingyu standing behind him, his signature smirk on his lips as his hands made their way to wonwoo's hips, gripping them as he made wonwoo lean against the wardrobe. "w-what are y-you doing?" wonwoo stuttered, completely trapped and feeling like a mushy mess under mingyu like that.

"nothing. i just want to hold you, and look at you." mingyu's smirk turned into a smile as he leaned in to kiss wonwoo on the cheek, then on his neck, then on his collarbone, making his way down, and coming back up to kiss wonwoo on the lips. "and kiss you."

mingyu walked out of the room with the clothes wonwoo gave him, leaving wonwoo up against the wardrobe a blushing and flustered mess.

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