Thursday 7:31 pm, Dec. 8, 2018

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I stared out into the open forest, glancing down at my watch, then back to the forest. This bush was an excellent hiding spot, thankfully Olivia had chosen it. Sophia was near the street a mile from here, ready to call in the murderer when they come to attack Olivia. My heart ached at the thought of putting her at risk, but she had offered, like the brave girl she was.
She leaned against a tree, hands stuffed in her pockets.

We had came up with this plan after Avery was found dead and Zoe was rushed to the hospital four nights ago. Olivia was so strong, staying by Zoe's side for a whole night. Meanwhile, I had figured out The Masked Queen's pattern. What linked these girls together..
Their popularity.
After talking to Sophia, I had finally figured why the social hierarchy even existed at school.  Isabella had been popular due to money her family possessed, and naturally, people had gravitated towards her. Mackenzie had been the schools number one gossiper. She had known everything about everyone. People must have respected her in fear of blackmail. Avery was the athletic girl. She had won many medals and trophies for school. People respected her. As for Zoe, being in so many clubs, her name was known throughout the entire school. And if I'm right, Olivia is next in line in the hierarchy.
Sophia says she's the nicest girl in school, and everyone loves her. And that makes sense, knowing her.
We had actually needed Jay's help to find The Masked Queen's number. He had found a way to get into Mackenzie's phone and access her most recent calls and messages. Interestingly, The Masked Queen had pretended to be a boy Mackenzie had been texting online, and had suggested they should meet in the back of the school. And she had foolishly accepted.
Sophia and Olivia had sent a text, pretending to ask them out, saying Olivia's name and where they should meet.
The Masked Queen had accepted.

Minute after minute passed, and i had never felt that bored before in my life. I stared at my watch, watching the seconds go by.
That's when I heard Olivia gasp.
Such a simple sound sent goosebumps racing up my skin. My heart began to pound, and I quickly looked up. Nothing could have warned my of the horror I saw before me.
The Masked Queen was shorter, and definitely a female. She hid their identity behind a black sweatshirt was a little too big for them, black pants that fit them like a glove, and black, worn out boots. Her hands were hidden by black gloves, and her movements were slow and staggering. Her face was concealed by a white mask, her eyes gleaming through the holes. And a fake, plastic crown was sown to the hood of the sweatshirt. A few rhinestones were missing from the crown, giving an explanation the rhinestone we had found near the spot Isabella was found.
I had never sent a text that fast as I did then.
I watched as The Masked Queen moved closer to Olivia, clenching my fists and gritting my teeth. ' Oh god Sophia please hurry.'
The Masked Queen moved closer and closer to Olivia, closing the distance between them.
I watched in horror as The Masked Queen pulled out a knife.
I couldn't wait for Sophia any longer. Olivia would DIE if I waited any longer.
I raced out out sprinting towards The Masked Queen, whose back was towards me.
Just i was about to reach her, to tackle her to the ground, The Masked Queen whipped around, grabbing my shoulder and sinking the knife into my stomach. My eyes widened, a gagging sound escaping my throat. The pain.. The pain was unbearable. But.. no. I gritted my teeth, pushing past the pain and grabbing her throat, finger tightening.
Her grip in the knife loosened, and I was able to shove her chest, causing her to stumble. I took the moment to tackled her, pinning her to the ground. I faintly heard Olivia running, probably to get help. Hopefully.
The Masked Queen struggled beneath me, squirming and grunting. I yanked the knife from my stomach, holding it to her neck. " Don't. Move."
She went completely still, barely breathing.
I took a deep breath.
I lifted the mask off her face.

The masked dropped onto the ground.

She looked up at me, her cognac eyes wild and psychotic. She smiled. Such a deranged smile. Tears pooled in my eyes. My heart shattered, and I breathed out one word. It came out like a question. Deep inside I was praying that this was some type of joke.

" Sophia..?"

She giggled," Hi, Evan."

I stared down at her in horror," No.. It can't be... why.."

" I suggest you let me go."

I felt anger and betrayal boiling up inside me. " Why would I let a murderer like you go free?"

" I won't kill Olivia," She smirked. It was like I was looking at the shell of the person I once called my best friend.

" But you killed three other girls and put one in the hospital, Sophia."

Sophia shrugged," Isabella deserved it. So did Mackenzie-"

" They didn't deserve to die. Did you do it.. Because.. Like in my theory.."

She nodded simply," Each queen had to die.. I needed the crown.. I have to have that crown.."

I shook my head squeezing my eyes shut," God Sophia you're insane.."

She whispered," Let me go, Evan. You know you don't have the heart to throw me into jail."
It's true.. I don't. I stared down at her, thinking about us. Us as kids, us growing up, every little memory. Every little detail.
It was like I  had sold my heart to the devil.
I climbed off her.

She stood up, brushing herself off. " Get as far away from here as you can. NEVER return. Got it?" I refused to look at the monster in front of me, my voice cold and angry. She walked up to me, whispering in my ear.

" The queen will return."

My heart stopped. I whipped around, watching as Sophia Young, my best friend, The Masked Queen, a sociopath, sprint off into the woods. 

'What have I done?'

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