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Hey Guys what's up it's been awhile I know anyway if you guys haven't noticed my Story King of the Kings is missing well I'm not exactly sure what happened because I did not delete it from my account it has been removed completely from my Wattpad and unfortunately all my story's are done off the top of head and on my phone so as soon as I had an idea I would write the chapter and publishing so I have no backups of any of them  I have contacted Wattpad and see if they can do anything but reading thru some of the stuff on the help page I have little hope that my story will be able to be saved but I'm waiting for a response from them

So In the mean time there are a couple things I will need to you guys help with in case that it does not get re-published so

1) start the story over with changes I have though of over the course of the story that would improve it and make it but have the same powers

2) Should I just continue from where it was  but there would be a lot of information and back story missing

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