Bionic Brother Toss

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(Adam pick Chase up by the shirt)

Chase: Oh no! Adam put me down.

Adam: Yes I will,  not.

(Adam threw Chase across the room,

Chase jumped up )

Chase:  (laughing)

Adam: Why is he laughing?

He's not supposed to be  laughing.

I am!

Bree: I think you broke him .

Normally you he goes (vocal manipulation)  Okay That's it .

Adam : I know what he does Bree .

Bree: (vocal manipulation off )

Fine .

Leo : Oh, I you threw Chase I was coming to tell you stop , but what are we laughing about?

Bree : He did throw him.

Why can't we?

Leo : I forgot but it's pretty important so if he's doesn't stop laughing we need to take him down to the lab .

Adam: Man, Chase is so annoying.

I can't carry him if he's gonna be laughing like that.

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