Chapter 3: This Trip is Getting Weirder and Weirder

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Author's note: I finally figured out how to use bold!! Anyways, thank you to anyone who is reading this. Just going to get quick to the story.

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What was Annabeth doing here? I thought she was living in New York! Suddenly, a voice behind me pushed me out of my thoughts. "Stop!"

Just as we rounded the corner, there was one of the most unbelievable sights a person could see. A boy, about my age with almost the same features but more muscular, was holding a gleaming bronze sword up to a girl's throat?

(AN: Wizards in this story are either blessed by Hecate, or have some of the blessing from their parents, so they can se through the mist.)

Not willing to see a girl's throat slit open, I raced over inside the store. "Stop!" I cried. The better version of me looked at me funnily. "Not until she tells me why she was following me and my friends," he replied. "Do you know who I am?," I yelled (the people passing by gave a look of concern), "I saved the world and fought in a war to save you, and now you act like this?!"

I clamped my hand over my mouth. Oops. The Americans besides the girls wearing school uniforms looked like they were working really hard to contain their laughter. Just then, I took the time to look at the group people we were "chatting" with. (Too lazy to describe the characters, so pretend I described the Seven, Nico, the Stolls, Katie, Clarrisse, and Chris.) What surprised me most about them was that they were all incredibly muscular and none of them looked incredulous when I said I saved the world. "Newbies," I heard one of the mischievous, prankster looking boys said. "Oh no, these better never meet Fred an George," I thought to myself. (AN: Yes, Fred is alive.)

Hermione looked just about furious at this point. "Back to the original topic, why on earth would you harm an innocent girl?!" She screeched. "Not as innocent and helpless as you think," the girl murmured under her breath.

It seemed like she was just talking to herself, but everyone heard it. We all stopped talking as the blond girl piped up. "I know we all have some secrets, so why don't we all sit down somewhere private and explain ourselves?" "Ok," I thought, at the end at least we could use a spells and clear out their memory.

Our little trio huddle together. Too bad Liz wasn't here, she would really been glad to meet Annabeth. She could probably also tell us what to do next. "Hey guys," Cammie said, "I brought some of that memory erasing tea. We could always serve it to them."

We all quickly agreed on this and went with the others to the hotel that the other Americans were guiding us to.

I know what you're thinking. Annabeth, how could you be stupid enough to reveal yourselves to these mortals? I thought Percy did all the dumb thinking.

The truth was, I was thinking about erasing that meeting with the mist. After presenting my idea to the other demigods (in Greek of course), we led then to our hotel room. I already knew Cammie, Bex, and Macey. They went to Liz's spy school and were most likely here to practice, or on a mission.

We all piled up in the girls' room and began introducing ourselves. "I'm Amnabeth, this is Percy, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Leo-" "Call me Leo, Bad Boy Supreme, and we all know the ladies love a bad boy," Leo interrupted as Calypso whacked his head. "Anyways, as I was saying," I paused to glare at him, "this is Leo, Caly, Katie, Travis and Conner Stoll, Clarrisse, and Chris," I finished.

"Hi, I'm Hermione, this is Harry, and Ron," I told them.

After we introduced ourselves, I began to offer them tea.

As soon as Cammie began asking if anyone wanted tea, I remembered it was a Gallagher Girl secret. The tea would wash away your memories of the past hour or so. "Don't drink it," I warned in Greek. "It's going to wash away your memory."

When Annabeth spoke, I was surprised. Normally, I could understand pretty much any language. It seemed she was speaking in a type of Greek, and I could speak that, so I caught on a few words. "Drink...wash...memory." Dang it! Now what are we supposed to do? Before I could think, Annabeth started to begin.

"So do any of you know about the Greek gods or goddesses?"

Author's note: Cliff Hanger!! Thank you so much to anyone who reads this. If there is something that you would specifically like to see, please message me! 😋

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