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chapter two; An Overflowing Faucet
" You'll always have me, Ash. "

  REMUS LUPIN'S ROOM was relatively small

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  REMUS LUPIN'S ROOM was relatively small. A full-sized mattress took up the majority of the bedroom, accompanied by sparse wooden pieces of furniture. Originally, the walls of his room were bare, save for a calendar tacked above his desk, but Ashley had persuaded him to decorate it; now there was a Weird Sisters poster stuck on the cream wall behind his bed, and a small bulletin board propped on his dresser (though, this only held three things; a photo of Ashley Moyer from the summer before fourth year, a photo of the Marauders on the Hogwarts quidditch pitch, and a small note Ashley had left to remind Remus that he was the best friend— ever).

  "I can't believe you still have that," Ashley mumbled, flipping onto her back after staring the bulletin board down.

  "Why?" Remus asked, spinning in his chair to face the blonde, splayed like artwork across his double bed, "Are you saying I'm not still. . . 'The best-est friend you've ever had— like a soulmate— and you wouldn't know—'"

  "Agh! Stop!"

  Remus laughed heartily, watching Ashley flip onto her stomach, staring up at him through fairytale lashes.

  "Are you okay?" Remus dared to ask, leaning his elbows on his knees so he was closer to her eye level, "After seeing Lewis?"

  "I'm a big girl, Remmy, I can handle seeing my ex-boyfriend."

  "Well, yeah, but. . ." He trailed off, wincing as Ashley sat up, "I don't mean—" 

  "I know," She cut off gently, her pale blue eyes softening at his scrunched up expression of worry, "You weren't trying to be mean, or anything. Really, Rem. I'm alright."

  Remus stared at her for a moment.

  And, to Ashley, being this close to him didn't mean much. She'd always been able to pick apart each shade of brown that made up his irises, and the few freckles decorating his tanned skin. Ashley could probably draw his scars with her eyes closed, and trace the way his hair fell onto his forehead with a single finger.

  All she was thinking about now was his patient eyes, waiting for her to crack.

  "Alright, fine," She sighed heavily, letting her body fall back onto his springy mattress, "It really hurt because he looks so much happier than he's ever looked with me, okay?"

  Remus twisted his lips as he stood, gently taking a seat on the bed beside Ashley. She silently scooted over, and when there was room, Remus laid back with her.

  He could feel her body heat, their shoulders so close it radiated off of her. But he rested his hands on his stomach, and stared up at his plain ceiling. 

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