Chapter Twelve

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"Whats up?"

"Hey Evan.."

I bit the bottom of my lip. Even the sound of his deep voice sent chills through me. We stared at each other not saying a thing.

Stacy looked from Evan to me and back to Evan.

"Am I missing something?"

We snapped out of our gaze and looked at Stacy.

"What you talm bout Stace, You cooked?"

"Naw aint cooked boy, where you been?"

"Dont worry bout where I been."

"Probably with that skank Gina, Lauren, Evan fucking round with this white gurl,"

She looked from me to Evan.

"And I cant stand her ass, You know how they get with they black friends and start actin like they black, gurl it erks my nerves."

"Really, Stace?"

"Gurl yes, Now dont get me wrong all white girls aint bad but that bitch.. I dont trust her, he need to leave her ass alone."

"You need to leave my business alone."

She turned her back to him and he walked to the back.

I looked at the clock, 4:59.

"So what you gone wear to your date?"

"I dont know gurl, probably a dress or sum."

"Long as you take to get dress, you need to leave now."

" True, but what you bout to get into?"

Stacy scrolled through her phone.

"Shid, I dont know."


Stacy laughed alout loud.

"Gurl look at this."

Stacy turned her phone around and showed me a message in her inbox.

Omar: I dont want nobody but you, kissing on my tattoos.

"Gurl is he trying to sing?"

"I guess gurl but keep reading."

Omar: .. Come over to my house tonight so I can make that kitty purr.

"Gurl, I know where you gone be at tonight."

"The hell you say, Im tired."

"Bitch please, thats like a bird turning down some bread."

"Okay, Nicki Minaj."

I laughed at her response.

"I need to get going but you know Ima tell you how it went, if yo ass be home."

"Aight gul."

I got up off the sofa and headed to my car.

When I got to the house Marcus was gone.

I hope this is not another episode from last night. I thought to myself. I brushed it off and decided to get dressed.

I took a long hot bubble bath using some of my bath and body works and putting on my sexiest Victoria Secret push up bra. I decided to wear a white bodycon dress that stopped in the mid of my thighs. Yes it was short but I wanted to show Marcus what he might lose if he keeps being a fool. I laced my feet in a pair of Christian Loubitan Skoraski Crystal Dafidil pumps. I applied my makeup and my hair fell in thick bouncy curls. I checked the time on the clock sitting on the bedside table.. 6:50.

He'll be here in a minute, I thought as I looked myself over in the mirror.

The house phone started to ring in the living room.

"Ring! Ring! Ring!"


"Hey Lauren, you left your cellphone at my house."

"For real?, Gurl aint even noticed."

"Yea, its just ringing."

"Alright Im coming."



I grabbed my clutch and headed to the car.

I had time to get my phone and still be on time.

I pulled up in Stacy's driveway. I knocked on the door.

"Stacy its me!"

Stacy opened the door.

"Hey, I was in the back I didnt hear you."

I walked in.

"Damn! My bitch looking good as hell, Naomi one time for me!"

I spun around and ripped the runway for her so she could get a 360° view.

"Aint got time to play with yo stupid ass!"

We both laughed.

"Its in my room on the nightstand girl."

She said as she went in the kitchen.

I walked down the hallway to Stacy's room to get my phone. I sat down on Stacy's bed and checked the missed messages.

Marcus: I can't wait to see you.
Marcus: Call Me.
Marcus: Going to be running late, meet me there.

I lifted my head to the ceiling, taking slow breaths. I went into the bathroom and stood in the mirror. I didnt say anything..I just looked.

"Umh umh umh."

I turned around and Evan stood in the doorway.

"Lauren, Lauren, Lauren,"

He closed the bathroom door behind him as he walked toward me. His hand crawled up the side of my leg.

"You never texted me back, I know you saw it." He laughed "Damn, those iphones right."

His hand found its way under my dress as he whispered to me. I closed my eyes feeling his touch.

" I love it when you dont wear any panties, already ready for daddy."

He kissed my neck as his fingers moved in and out of my yerning kitty.

"Mmh!" I moaned as I grinded my hips against his fingers.

"Give it to me baby!" I whispered between our passionate kisses.

Evan picked me up and sat me on the counter so that my hips were on the edge. He took off his shirt and kneeled down so his face was in between my legs. Soon as Evan was about to give it to me good, I heard somebody calling my name.

"Lauren! Girl where you at?"

I heard Stacy walk down the hallway to her room.

I jumped off the counter and pulled my dress down. Evan grabbed his shirt off the floor, jumped in the tub and hid behind the shower curtain. I flushed the toliet and pretended to wash my hands as I opened the door.

"Im right here gurl."

I fixed my hair in the mirror.

"Oh, Marcus just called looking for you, he said he was already at the reaturant waiting."

"What?" I checked the time .. 8:20.

"Shit, Im late! I gotta go gurl, I'll call you!"

Stacy followed behind me as I strutted out the house. She watched me get into my car as crunk up and sped off down the road.

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