He cheated, I also cheated

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The next morning I woke up from a siren screaming in my room. I hit a few things and the noise stopped. Turns out the noise was just my alarm. Eh I slowly got up and checked my phone. One text message.

Jason: Babe, sorry I couldn't make it over last night.

Oh jerk, he said he would come but he didn't. OH MY GOD. I kissed Devon. I kissed Devon. Oh god. I can't believe. I'm the jerk not Jason. What do I do!?

I was going to act like it was a normal day, but I'll tell Jason of course. Won't I?

I was wearing straight jeans, a shirt and cardigon and some black converses. My hair was just brushed messily and I added some light make up. Ran downstairs grabbed a roll for breakfast on the go.

It took me a whole 15 minutes to get to school. I didn't see Devon when I got there. Although everyone was looking at me funny. Seriously everybody was looking. Oh my god, Devon didn't tell everyone did he!? He wouldn't do that.

I saw Jason.

"Jason we need to talk." I said seriously.

He nodded.

"Here in this classroom so we're alone." He told me.

"Now theres-" I started.

"Okay lets just say I'm so sorry. It was a mistake, it will never ever happen again I promise. You need to know that, trust me." He told me.

"Wait, what?" I asked confused.

"Last night, I'm sorry. I will never talk to Emily again. It was a one night stand with her I swear." He said.

Oh my god. Is he saying he CHEATED ON ME with my BESTFRIEND!

"What! Why would you do that?!" I was crying.

"You didn't know? I thought that was why you wanted to talk..." He told me.

"I can't believe you. I hate you. I SERIOUSLY HATE YOU! Never talk to me again!" I ran out of the room crying.

Why would he cheat on me! With Emily!

I ran down the whole hall way, I bumped into someone. Emily.

"Monica..." She started to say.

"Don't. Ever. Speak. To. Me." I got out between the sobs.

I continued to run. I pushed the door open and slammed into someone so hard that I was about to fall and hit the ground. Although they caught me in their arms. I looked up. Devon.

"What's wrong?" He was all of a sudden angry. "Who made you upset!"

"Please take me away from here." I begged him.

He nodded and took me to his car. He drove. I must of fell asleep because I woke up and we were still driving and were literally in the middle of nowhere. We must have been driving for hours.

I was almost scared. I had to remember I didn't know this guy.

"Hey." I said my voice cracking just the slightest.

"Oh you're awake." He said smiling.

"Yeah, so where are we?" I asked curious.

"Well darling, we are on the way to our new home." He smiled.

Oh god.


Yes it's very very short! But just a little something to keep you going! :D

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