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New announcement down below V

Hey guys
Since you guys were a bit dissapointed with the ending so I have decided that there won't be an ending, just yet!

I have decided that this book will be split into two parts but in the same book on here like little women!

I won't be able to write the second part for a while but hopefully you guys will come back when I do start writing the second part :)

Thank you for reading!




Hi guys me again!

Just here to say that I am currently editing this story, but not fully. Im not really editing any spelling or grammar mistakes at this point in time but I am adding in small details and changing some details.

Ive decided to change some line that Kat says to make her act more modern and Im deciding to add a new background character, the woman herself Jane Austen! I've always had plans to include her but I couldn't figure out how to do it well until now. Shes not going to be a major story, she just pops up now and then but I will be adding new chapters in which you can feel free to go back and read but I understand if you dont. 

Thanks for being patient with my botched up ending but we will get there soon!

Bye! :)

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