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Rosita starts shuffling Uno cards while Fezco takes a hit of his blunt. Silence fills the both of them.

"So, you know Rue is back from rehab," Rosita looks at Fez while she starts dealing the cards out. Fez stares back at her, confused.

"For real?"

Rosita nodded, she smile shyly at the high boy and he smiles back. They started playing the game until Rue walks up to the both of them. The pair stares at her in silence.

"Hey." Rue bluntly says at them. They stay in a awkward silence for a while.

"There's some new, like edgy girl in town," Fez says as he puts a card down.


"I don't know. She came in yesterday all Salor Moon and shit and I thought, she looked like someone Rue would get along with," Fez said while looking her in the eye.

Which was sorta like a dead on observation for Fezco who's not normally revolving in the same direction as planet earth. Granted it wasn't Sailor Moon we'd bond over...

"Fez is right she is really pretty and kinda replicates your vibe," Rosita replied playing her cards right.

"So, did you guys like just play Uno this whole summer," Rue chuckled. Rosita gave her a mini glare. Rue knew that Rosita had some tiny feelings for Fez.

Fez shrugged, "When'd you get back?"

"Five days ago."

Fez hesitatingly replied, "And how you feel." Fez always watches out for Rue even tho he is the one who sells it to her in the first place.

"Ever since I gave my life over to my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, things have been really good."

"By the way is Ashtray in the back"

Rosita stared at her in disbelief, "For real, Rue"

"You thought in rehab I was gonna stay clean?" Rue started walking to the back, "C'mon Rosita, the world is coming to an end and I haven't even graduated high school." Rue goes inside.

Rosita hit Fez in the arm. "What the fuck Rose?!," Fez stared at her.

"She literally got out and getting back in, I'm really worried for her," Rosita looked at him worried. Fez looked at her for a second, lowkey admiring her features. He sighed

"I don't know Rosita, but Rue will be alright so can we just get back to the game." Rosita sighs and they continue the game.

Nate's car pulls up as they keep playing the game. Fez stops the game a little to give Nate some of the drugs he wanted.

Nate looks over at Rosita, "Hey."

Rosita had something with Nate once, for some reason he won't let it go even tho he has Maddy.

Rosita awkwardly waved back at him as Rue walks back outside.

In truth, I didn't have much of an issue with Nate until that night. I mean, I never liked him. And once during the freshman formal, he tried to finger me on the dance floor without my permission. But like, that's America. And if they were throwing an end of summer party. Of course, I'd fucking go.

"Are you gonna go to the party at McKay's house." Rosita saying as Fez came back to continue the game.

"I don't usually got to party's but it's good for business."

"I won!"

Rosita starting laughing her head off. Fez looked at her smiling.

"Stop with yo goofy self"

"Anyways I gotta head out, I need to get ready"

Rosita waved to Fez and he waved back. She hopped on her bike and went to her house.

Rosita finally gets home and head inside her house. Once she gets inside she goes straight to her bedroom because, she sees her mom with another random guy watching TV.

"Hi sweetie! come meet Mark, he works a-" Her mom was interrupted by Rosita's door slamming shut.

Her mom opens the door right after. "And what was that for?" Her mom starts raising her voice.

"Why can you for once not bring someone over!"

Ms. Garcia walks up to Rosita and looks her straight in the eye.

"Your grounded" She slowly walks out and locks her door from the outside.

"Fuck you." Rosita still gets dress for the party since she knows how to get out of her room.

She puts on her white mini skirt, black tube top and red oversized hoodie. She knows it's kinda basic but like fuck it.

She puts some like makeup on and used some rhinestones and glitter to make it pop.

She goes in her closet to the secret passageway she made then walks to the party at McKay's.

"This shit is gonna be sick."

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