10: An ice cream date

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This chapter is dedicated to one of my favourite authors, one of the dearest Readers and sweetest person I met on wattpad.
Striving_Niqaabi❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope you enjoy the Chapter 😉😘❤️


I stopped writing the last answer of my paper and than stretched my hand a little as it was literally aching due to writing fastly from past 3 hours. I flipped the pages and glanced quickly at all the answers I had written and just when I was done, the bell went off. Muttering "alhumdulilha" for being able to complete this lengthy paper, I finally gave my answer sheet to the invigilator and than walked out of exam room.

A smile made its way automatically on my face as finally all my exams went well and I was pretty satisfied with how I had performed. I walked down the stairs instead of taking the lift as people were already standing there waiting for it.

I looked around myself and witnessed how happy everyone was looking today. The reason of their happiness was today being the official last day of this semester.

I reached to the ground floor and went towards the canteen as we (Humaira , Naiza and Soniya) had decided to meet here.

I didnt go inside the canteen and instead stood there while checking my phone. Shortly after , I saw Humaira , Naiza and Soniya coming towards me with the biggest of smiles on their faces overshadowing the dark circles under their eyes that they developed due to doing overnight studies .

"So.......?" I asked them cheerfully and they all engulfed me into a group hug.

"The paper went so well , thanks to you Aayat. If you didn't have helped us in the study of this paper , we wouldn't have succeeded." Soniya said still hugging me along with the other two who agreed to what Soniya just said.

"Alhumdulilha.. now..please guys move ..I am short of breath.."

They all quickly left me and I dramatically took a long breath while they all just glared at me.

"You're so bad at acting!" Naiza said shaking their head and all of us bursted in laughter.

We all started walking towards the outside when Humaira stopped us and said,

"Wait wait friends! Let's take a selfie. After all, it's the last day of exam!"

"But whats the need..." Before I could complete I was dragged by them and was forced to pose as Humaira clicked the selfie.

After 4 or 5 clicks , she was finally satisfied so they let me go, while they still continued to make boomerangs and all.

Minutes passed and now I was pissed off at them,

"Are you girls coming to canteen to eat something or shall I go alone?" I asked them while greeting my teeth.

Thankfully, Humaira kept her phone back into her pocket as they nodded smiling guiltily.

I turned and was about to open the canteen door when Naiza said,

"Oh wait girls!"

I was so annoyed at her. I turned at said annoyed,

She again smiled while Humaira and Soniya giggled.

"Actually, there is a new ice cream parlour that has recently opened in some distance from our uni. Why don't we go there?"she asked to us.

As much as I was tired to go anywhere, I loved the idea because if something is my weakness , it is only and only ICE CREAM. I just love them.

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