Chapter 8: the one where they go on first date

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Chris P.O.V

Today whole time I was working like a maniac because my evening was occupied so I had to make all my targets done till 4.

At 4 sharp, I went home. Sophia welcomed me. She said mom and dad went to their friends house. They would be back after dinner.

I got ready. I wore jeans and black shirt. I was downstair when Sophia came in front of me.

"Listen Chris, treat Emily with utmost care. From the picture and whatever you said, one thing is clear to me that she must be really kind hearted. Girls like when guy acts all gentlemanly so do act like a gentleman." Sophia spoke like it was my first date and I was 5 year old.

"Okay madam Sophia. As you said will happen." I said mocking her.

"Fine fine go now. You dont want to get late for your date, do you?"

"Bye. Have dinner on time."

I reached Emily's house on time. Her dad welcomed me in.

"Hello Mr. Collins. Nice to meet you." I said.

"Oh come on Christopher. Leave all the formalities. Call me Anthony. Your dad and I have done business for so many years." Anthony said proudly.

I nodded.

"Hi Christopher. I am Olivia Emily's mother. How are you?"

"I am very well Olivia. Thankyou."

"Emily will be down soon. We both didn't expect that you both will go on dates and all so fast. But its good. Atleast you are giving it a shot." Olivia said.

"Well we are just giving each other chance hoping it will lead to something beautiful." I said with a smile.

Just then a girl may be of same age as of Sophia came downstair.

"Hey. Myself Anna, Emily's little sister. Glad to finally meet you." She said while putting forward her hand for handshake.

I took her in brotherly hug.

"Hi Anna. Well I am glad to meet you too. What are you studying?" I asked to make her comfortable.

"I am studying medicines. I am doing mastery in gynaecology." She replies proudly.

"Oh thats impressive. So in future we will have Dr. Anna Collins huh?"

"Yes hopefully."

Emily came in living room. She was wearing blue torn jeans and pink top which had black polka dots. She as usual kept her makeup minimal. Still she looked so beautiful.

"Hi Emily. You look beautiful." I said with kissing her back of hand.

"Thankyou." She blushed.

"Okay so shall we go now?" She asked because I thought she was little embarrased with what I did infront of her family.

"Yeah sure. It was lovely meeting you all. Bye." I said.

When we were near to my car, I opened the door for her. She said thanks and sat inside.

We started for the movies.

"Was that a little impression stunt inside?" Emily asked.

"What are you talking about?" I asked acting all oblivious.

"That you look beautiful today and all." She said.

"No Emily. You look really beautiful today. Heck you look beautiful in whatever you wear." I said with honesty.

"Thanks i guess."

She remained silent as I think she was shocked with my sudden behaviour.

"Okay so which movie you wanna watch?" I asked changing the topic.

"Umm well lets see when we get there. Is that fine?"

"Perfectly alright."


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