sixteen || car accident #1

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Luke was on tour, so you were going to visit your friend. It was 10 in the morning, but it was raining so the sky was really foggy and hard to see. As you were driving, another car crashed into the drivers side. You felt the car flip and flip repeatedly as you let out a scream. The last thing you remembered was a doctor carrying you Into the ambulance truck, before everything turned black and you wished for Luke to come home.

You and Calum were driving to the grocery store at around 7:30pm because you were pregnant and wanted waffles, which you's ran out of. You guys were patiently waiting on red light when a huge truck slammed into the front of yours and Calum's car. You instantly went unconscious, not knowing if Calum or your baby girl were okay.

"Hey Michael?" You asked through the phone, putting in on speaker so you can concentrate on the road. "Yea?" He asked. "When are you coming?" "Im actually home right now, I'm waiting for you y/n. Where are youuuu?" He whined like a 5 year old. "I'm coming, I'm coming, I lo- ahhhh" you screamed before everything went black.

You and Ashton were walking around New York, a busy city. "Hey, Ash? Are we going all the way over there?" You asked, pointing. "Yea, let's wait for the bus." He agreed. The bus came 5 minutes later and you and Ashton took a seat in the back, like usual. "You want to go to the Empire State building?" He asked, smiling. "Yes! Then we cou-" you were cut off by the sound of something screeching and the bus flipping over.

There'll be a part 2! I'll post it later I guess!!

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