I'm left lying down with the biggest smile on my face. For no particular reason, I burst out laughing. I must be dreaming, I think to myself. It sure doesn't feel like a dream right now.

    I'm not here. I'm not with black veil brides. I am just a fangirl. I am in a sick demented dream. A knock on the door snaps me back to my senses. I pull on some jeans really fast, "Its not my bus! You don't have to ask to come in!", the door opens. Ashley walks in.

    "Hey sexy girl," he says to me in a somewhat seductive voice, "I have a question  for you." I snap my head over in his direction. I look at him with evil eyes, "Don't call me that. Now shoot." I make sure there is venom in my voice. He backs away just enough, "How would you like to come on stage with us some time during tour. You know, at a concert?" I feel my eyes soften. I open my mouth to speak, but instead I hear an ear piercing squeal. I feel my face redden as he falls to the floor laughing his butt off. No, I think, I've just lost any chance of him EVER talking to me again. I realize I'm over thinking it. And pretty soon, I'm on the floor laughing too. My stomach aches and I can't breath.

  Jake bursts into the room yelling, "We are having a party tonight!!!!!! Ri you go with Andy to pick out an outfit. All the guys and I will be inviting more people. THIS IS GOING TO BE HUUGE!!!!" I sit up still half laughing. I nod and run out the door to the living room. Andy is on the couch smoking, not noticing my presence. I decide to jump on him and scare the hell out of him. He throws the cigarette trying not to burn me, but its too late. I felt the excruciating pain in my left forearm. I do not cry out. Instead, I kiss him right on the lips and pull away. I look at him, waiting. "Oh yeah," he says, "let's go."

    I nod at him and we head to the mall. He takes me to a place called Forever 21. I've never heard of it but they have a lot of varieties of dresses. I pick up a deep purple dress but Andy took it out of my hands and hung it back up to where I couldn't reach. He looked at me, "You don't have to be cheap, girl. Pick something worth wearing to a huge party. One that shows a little more. There's going to be lots of famous people there and you will be eye candy tonight."

  He hands me a black skintight dress that ends right below my butt. It has no straps. It has a white lace tail that runs down my back and ends puddling around my feet. He hands me sparkly black heels about five inches tall. He ushers me to a dressing room where I get changed. I try my best to pull the dress down as much as I can to hide my cuts. I give up. I walk out to Andy and he can't keep his eyes off of me. I walk up to him and lift his chin, "Something a little longer, please?" He looks down, seeing scars and nods to me. Off he goes to find another dress. I go back into the dressing room and take the dress off. As much as I love it, I will not wear it. I hang it back on the hanger just as another dress flops over the top of the door. I throw the dress I just took off over the door and grab the new one.

  I put the dress on and gasp. The corset squeezes my body just a little into a more distinct hourglass figure. A tear falls from my eye when I see the straight out tutu and realize it doesn't cover my cuts still. I'm about to open the door and throw the dress at Andy when something slides under the door. It reads Covere Upp. Andy whispers through the door, telling me to come out and let him see. I walk out and Andy takes it all in, "We are getting that dress." I nod, unsure of myself. I don't know what Covere Upp is used for. We walk to the register and I realize the long line of girls with their jaw touching the ground. They all move out of line and let Andy in the front, but they push me back, not letting me to the front with him. He hands the cashier the money.

    He walks to me with a Forever 21 bag with the dress and shoes in it. We walk out of the store. I feel the girls eyes on me and stopped. I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek. He laughs and kisses my forehead. I loop my arm through his and we continue walking.

    When we get back to the bus, Jinxx has me go and get changed. I notice Sammi Doll sitting on the couch. I cover my mouth to cover another embarrassing squeal and I continue to the bathroom. I put on the dress and shoes. I touch up my hair and makeup. I walk out to Andy walking me fast to the room. He sits me on the bed, "Andy wha-" He tells me to be quiet and he spreads my legs. No. I almost shove him to the ground when he pulls out the Covere Upp bottle. I am too curious to care about what he does or doesn't do.

    He puts some on my leg where my scars are and slathers it all over, putting powder on it to make it match my skin tone. He blows softly on it and I feel it dry. He gets up and offers me his hand and I take it. We stand, my head lying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. We stand there for a few minutes before we walk out of the room. Andy goes to get ready for the party in the bathroom. The others are already done. I decide to pass the time by helping set up and I order fifty pizzas.

    When I'm done, people are showing up. All the boys are done. I sit on the couch waiting with Andy. We talk about absolutely nothing. Shit, I think to myself, I forgot the drinks. "Hold that thought," I tell him, "I'll be right back."

    I fix the drinks and spike some. I carefully walk them one by one to the food tables. I run back to Andy, smiling my face off. "Everyone here?" I nod. He stands up, once again offering me his hand. I take it and together we walk out.

    Two hours into the party, I'm dancing my hind end of with Andy. We see another car pull up and I look over laughing. My smile drops when I see who it is. Andy slips away, not offering me one glance. No words, as he walks over to his girlfriend Juliet Simms.

--------------------------AUTHORS NOTE----------------------------------

Hey readers! I know what you're thinking, cliff hanger? Really Jazzi? Don't worry! I will be working on some chapter five tonight and I will try my best to finish it up tomarrow and publish it. Thanks for staying! I promise you won't be let down in the end! So ugh I guess enjoy. ;)

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