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As punishment jungkook started tickling me and I started laughing and kicking and accidentally kicked his hand causing him to stop and hold on to his hand.... You got up realizing what you had done and face him from the front and take his hand and started massaging it hardly to let it heal faster as it was swollen... Jungkook started making groaning softly in pain and an idea came up of your mind you decide to lean in and kiss him while rubbing his hand... You thought the kiss is going to only be for a while but things got heated up quickly you stop massaging Jungkook's hand and put your arms around Jungkook's neck when you felt his arms around your waist....

Slowly he leans down causing you to lie on the carpeted floor and continuing to you know what comes next

***** Fast Forward*****

( y/n ) POV

Kookie I think I should take your SnapBack more often....

Jungkook just laugh and pull you closer telling you to lay on his chest, you did and slowly fell asleep....


hope you guys like part 2.. a imagine will be coming up soon probably in 2 days time and i do request so if you guys want a request just comment in the comment section and i will complete your request as soon as possible

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