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Requested by : _irtiza_

( Y/N ) POV

My best friend Jungkook told me to go to his place today as he said he had to ask me something important... I went to his place and ask him what he wanted to ask me and he said he liked a girl but do not know to confess to her and asked for your help and asking you what girls like and you describe what most girls like to him and before you left his house he told you to meet him tomorrow the park you agreed...

*** Next Day

You wore a maroon red crop top with high wasted shorts and black converse to meet him you went and found him sitting on a mat and realized it was a picnic and you realized it was one of the things you did yesterday when he asked you the things that girls would like and you went a head and sat down when you started asking about the girl he liked and asked for her name instead of answering he leans in and kissed you on the cheek making you blush before you could say anything he whispered into your ear saying that the girl he liked it should i say love is you and ask you if you would be his girlfriend and he agreed...


_irtiza_ hope you like this... I do not know if you wanted me to use your name or I should make up a name so I just kinda leave that part blank by putting ( Y/N )... should I do like a part 2 for their future ?

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