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They say motor mechanics always drive broken cars and that plumbers' homes always have leaking water pipes. Dr. Haley Stafford a psychologist, is also a relationship expert. She writes a very popular column in a leading fashion magazine a relationship consultant AND is also writing a book on: 'How to bag your man.'

One evening whilst out with her friends; she sees an attractive Greek Adonis lookalike in a bar. She likes what she sees.  Her friends think he is excellent material for Chapter 5 of her new book. Challenged to approach the Adonis; she picks him up ... beds him ... falls in love with him. Problem is the hot-blooded Xanthus Laskaris finds out he was 'material' for her Chapter 5 and dumps her, like a hot brick. So much for being a ... relationship expert and bestselling author of ... 'How to bag your man!'

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