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“You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it.” –Goldie Hawn

“So, spill the details. I know you want to,” Hermione declared as she entered her office the next morning followed by Cho.

“Oh, it was lovely!” Cho declared, depositing her coffee on Hermione’s desk and taking a seat in one of the plush chairs. “Blaise is just what a man ought to be! Sensible, good humored, lively, absolutely wonderful!”

“Apparently he thought you the same, since he danced the night away with you,” Hermione replied with a smile.

“I was extremely flattered when he asked me to dance for the second time. I did not expect such attention!” Cho exclaimed.

“Did you not?” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow. “Because, I did for you. What could be more natural than his asking you again? You were clearly five times as pretty as every other single woman in the room!”

“You exaggerate too much!” Cho replied with blush, eager to change the topic. “So how was your night?”

“It was pleasant. But it could’ve been better if I didn’t have to encounter the Ferret and his girlfriend,” Hermione replied with a scrowl.

“Hermione! Isn’t that a bit harsh? I’m sure they have both changed for the better over the past few years!”

“Neither changed for the better. In fact they are exactly the same as before,” Hermione declared before adding, “You are a great deal too apt to like people in general. You never see a fault in anyone! I have never heard you speak ill of a human being in my life!”

“That’s not true!” Cho countered. “I try not to judge people too quickly, but I always speak what I think. And I happen to think that you should give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Hermione snorted in disbelief.

“Oh, and I almost forgot! You have been invited to spend the weekend with Blaise and me,” Cho announced taking a bite of her doughnut.

“WHAT?!” Hermione asked, chocking on her nutella crepe.

“Well, you see,” began Cho slowly, “after the dance, Blaise invited me to spend New Year’s weekend with him in France.”

“That’s great and all, but I don’t see why I have to go!” Hermione replied. “I’ll be like an unwanted third wheel!”

“Two of Blaise’s friends would be there and he didn’t want me to feel left out, so he suggested I bring a friend,” Cho explained, taking a sip of her mocha Frappuccino.

“Who are these friends of his?” Hermione asked curiously, dreading that she might already know the answer.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t ask,” Cho said with a guilty look. “It’s Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy.”

“Why did you invite me?! I can’t stand those two! Why couldn’t you invite someone else?!”

“Because you are an amazing friend,” Cho replied. “And because I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me. Ginny is spending the weekend with Harry. Luna and Neville are looking for exotic plants in Albania. And Gabrielle and Ron are spending the New Year’s in Switzerland with the Delacours.”

“In short, I am the only single one left,” Hermione finished.

“Yes. But it is by no means a bad thing,” Cho replied. “I heard French men are the hottest in the world,” she added with a smile, causing Hermione to burst out in laughter.

And that is precisely why four days later Hermione found herself packing the last of her clothes into her suitcase muttering about insipid, stuck-up Slytherins.

Just as she finished, her doorbell rang, indicating Cho’s arrival.

“Hey, Cho,” Hermione greeted, opening her door.

“Hello,” Cho replied with a smile. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes,” Hermione replied, “I’ll go and grab my suitcase.”

“Where are we meeting them exactly?” Hermione asked, levitating her suitcase into the living room.

“We are staying at Hotel Meurice, so we are to apparate there,” Cho explained.

Meurice?” Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow. “Wow. I knew he’d fall for you.”

“I think we should go,” Cho insisted with a blush.

“If you say so,” Hermione replied with a smug smile.

Both females took a tight hold of their trunks, closed their eyes, and clasped hands. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves surrounded by snow. As Hermione turned around, her eyes landed on the most majestic hotel she ever laid her eyes on. The intricate designs of the walls were stunning, and the building itself looked like a Palace.

“Let’s go inside, Blaise said that he’d wait for us in the lobby,” Cho declared.

As soon as they walked inside, they spotted Blaise. It was not a Herculean task considering he was the only one pacing back and forth in the lobby.

“Hello,” Cho greeted shyly as the pair walked up to him.

“Cho! You came!” Blaise exclaimed excitedly.

“Well, you did make me promise to come,” Cho replied with a sweet smile.

“I suppose I did,” Blaise replied sheepishly before turning to Hermione. “I’m glad you could join us, especially on such short notice.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for inviting me,” Hermione replied politely.

Before Blaise could reply, Draco and Pansy walked in, sporting thick jackets and skiing equipment.

“Hello Cho, Granger,” Pansy greeted somewhat snottily, while Draco acknowledged their presence with curt nods in his typical Malfoy fashion. “I see you still aren’t ready yet.”

“Ready for what?” Hermione asked.

“We just arrived,” Cho supplied, quite confused.

“What a dunce I am! I totally forgot to tell you!” Blaise exclaimed. “We are going skiing.”

“Oh, I’m afraid we didn’t bring any skiing equipment,” Cho replied apologetically.

“I’m sure we can find you some once we reach the place,” Blaise replied with a smile.

“I think I’d rather stay in,” Hermione spoke up, taking note of how engrossed Blaise and Cho were in each other and not wanting to get stuck with two Slytherins whom she thoroughly loathed.

“Are you sure?” Blaise asked, while Pansy impatiently tapped her foot on the marble floor and Draco stared at them, or rather her, with a strange intensity.

“Yes. I’ll just walk around town and check out the shops. I believe they have an antique bookstore nearby.”

Although Cho and Blaise may have missed it, Hermione didn’t miss the smirk that appeared on Draco’s face as soon as she said bookstore.

In no time at all, Hermione and Cho’s luggages were deposited in their rooms and they all headed out of the hotel.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Cho asked one last time before they parted.

“Absolutely,” Hermione replied. “I shall spend my time wisely to acquaint myself with the “oh-so-hot Frenchmen” whom you were speaking of,” Hermione added with a wink.

“Okay, then” Cho replied. “See you later!”

“Have fun!” Hermione called out to the departing group.

“Have fun at the bookstore, Granger,” Draco smirked, lingering behind the group. “Once a bookworm, always a bookworm.”

“I hope you fall off of a cliff and land on your face, Malfoy,” Hermione reciprocated in the same tone.

Thus, with such pleasantries, the pair parted ways.

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