"He just told me about that. It's aight bruh, I'll ride with you." He chuckled.

"Your scary ass. . If you don't wanna do it just say so. I'll just give that 2.5 to somebody else." Marvin walked in the kitchen on us talking.

See, he didn't tell me that he was giving me 2.5 million IF I made it back alive, he just said that we had a transaction to make.

I knew that those MPR niggas weren't nothing to play with but HLW wasn't having it either, and the whole east coast could tell you that but this didn't change the funny feeling that I wasn't getting.

"So you gone do it or not KD? Let me know now."

"Yeah, I'll do it.."

Dontae and I pulled up to the warehouse and I grabbed my Uzi before hopping out of the car with him right by my side. "You ready?" I asked him.

"Yeah" I nodded and dapped him up as we made our way towards the warehouse. I was feeling real bad about this shit.

There were four big ass dudes at the front who questioned us before we could get inside. "What y'all got for us?"

"15." I answered, I knew they could understand the code talk.

"Of what?"

"Weed." I answered, throwing the bags over my shoulder. These things were heavy and these motherfuckers wanted to give us a damn quiz.

This was a small transaction so I felt like Marvin knew something because he was throwin me 2.5 mil for basically nothing but whatever. . . money talked.

One of the dudes slid the door to the warehouse open for us. I didn't trust these niggas at all. I could sense some fuck shit finna pop off.

"Damn. Took y'all long enough." I guessed that this was the boss. He was sitting at a long wooden table with a patch over his left eye.

"Yeah, I know. My bad." I said and threw the three duffle bags on the table.

"Let me weigh this first." He said and told one of the dudes to get a scale, mugging me down and shit. He watched me the whole time as he removed the weed from the bags. "Smells good."

"Fuck he looking at?" Dontae whispered to me when the dude directed his attention to someone else. In a matter of seconds I felt a nigga come up behind me. I quickly turned around and pulled my gun from my waist band.


Whoever it was shot me before I could shoot him, this nigga's aim was off tho. Instantly I could feel the heat from the bullet in my shoulder.. "Fuck!" Only one shot went off and that was weird as fuck to me. Most niggas shoot to kill or at least I did.

"Come on. We gotta get the fuck outta here!" Dontae panicked, pulling me to the car by my shirt.

"Fuck man! Don't take me to the hospital, I'm good."

"Look bruh, you gotta go. You gotta get that bullet out. Just relax." I was dizzy and I was breathing mad hard.

"Hell no man, don't take me to the hospital. Take me home, it's in my fucking arm! I'll be okay." I yelled. I hated hospitals with a passion. 

"No. You're losing too much blood yo." I wanted to slap the shit outta this nigga, I could get the bullet out my damn self. Me going to the hospital would lead to the police trying to get involved.

Dontae's POV

I rushed KD through the ER doors. He was losing an ass of blood. Shiiiiit, he wasn't gonna die on my watch.

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