The One Where Ashley and Blair Have Something In Common

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"Blair, Nick is already here!" I hear Dad yell. "Hurry up!"

I dig through a pile of clothes in the closet trying to find one of Blair's textbooks. Dear God, how can one single person be so messy?! Finally, I find the book under Blair's bed, revealing in the process a pile of unfolded and, probably dirty, clothes.

"Disgusting!" I mumble making a mental note to disinfect this room when I get back from school. I put the textbook in the backpack and hurry out of the room. I basically run across the kitchen but before I reach the door, Dad yells.

"What about breakfast?"

"I don't have time." I say as I try to put on my shoe. "I will be late for school."

"Usually I'm the one who's worried about you being late for school." Dad observes as he puts fresh waffles on the table. Someone knocks on the door and when I open it, I find Blair's best friend, Nick, standing there. I immediately feel my heart racing and I smile at him.

"Nick." I say looking at a tall, muscular boy. His brown hair is grown out and a lot messier since the last time I saw him, but his blue eyes are still bright as ever.

"Blair!" he says and hugs me. "It's nice to finally see you."

"You too." I say still smiling. Ever since I was young, I was always looking forward to seeing Nick. That was one of the benefits of coming here. But I never could admit to Blair how much I actually cared about him.

"Nick, my boy!" Dad says when he comes to see who is at the door. I notice he's wearing a red apron with strawberries on it. Probably the most girly one he could find.

"Nice apron, David!" Nick says and Dad laughs.

"You're just in time for waffles." He says.

"My favorite." Nick says and follows Dad to the kitchen.

"What about school?" I ask following the two of them. They both give me a weird look.

"You pick school over waffles?" Nick asks furrowing his brows. "What did your grandmother do to you?"

"I... I just don't want to be late for the first day." I say feeling nervous.

"Have a waffle." Dad says. "You still have enough time."

I sit next to him at the table and grab a waffle with a fork. I carefully put a small amount of syrup and start eating slowly when I notice Dad and Nick giving me a weird look. I swallow one bite and look at them.

"Is something wrong?" I ask and they exchange looks.

"Did you forget how to eat back in England?" Nick asks and I look at his waffle covered with syrup and also his shirt where a bit of syrup has dripped. I look back at my plate remembering that it's not nice to look at people while they're eating.

"I guess I just got used to eating politely after all of those fancy dinners in London." I say, but neither of them looks satisfied with my explanation. "Wow, look at the time. We should be going." I say as I get up and pull Nick from the table.

"Now you look more like the Blair I know." He says and waves at Dad. "Later David!"

"See you later!" Dad yells as we get out of the apartment. Nick and I go downstairs and into his car.

"Nice car." I say. "Although I will never understand why you drive in the city."

"It's all about the entrance. And this baby is all I need." He says when he gets behind the wheel.

"What car is it anyways?" I ask.

"I already told you, Chevrolet '67. I bought it and rebuilt it last year." He says proudly.

"Nice job." I say as we head towards the school.

"Is that a compliment?" Nick asks raising his eyebrows.

"Sure thing." I say. "Why so surprised?"

"Have you met yourself?" he asks eyes on the road. "You're not exactly big on the compliments."

"I'm not, am I?" I ask and think about Blair. She isn't the type of person who hands compliments easily.

"Definitely not." He says and smiles. He has the most honest smile I have ever seen. When we were younger I used to like to watch him smile. I look at him closely. I notice a tattoo on his arm. Grandfather usually says that those people are a disgrace for our society, but Nick is definitely not a disgrace. He's one of the rare people I know that are honest and everything they do has a meaning.

After a half an hour drive through the crowded streets, we finally arrive at school. I don't know how I expected this school to look like. Maybe I had an image of St Peter's in my head, but this is not how this school looks like. St Peter's is hundreds of years old and this place looks brand new.

There is fresh grass beneath my feet, but the building in front of me doesn't look like it belongs there. It's a massive building covered completely with windows. Although it doesn't look like my old school, it still looks beautiful.

I notice Nick walking in front of me so I hurry to catch up with him. But before I can get to him, he walks to one girl, smiles to her and kisses her causing me to stand in shock. Blair never told me Nick had a girlfriend. I get this strange feeling in my throat and I turn around trying to ignore tears in my eyes.

At first I was looking forward to coming to New York, but now, seeing the only boy I have ever had feelings for kissing somebody else, I'm not that sure.

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