Gravity Flips...?

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December 11, 2019

I sigh and lean back in my chair. This video will be good. Of course, since it was Dream's plugin, I didn't record it. There's no doubt that when Dream – Clay – uploads the video tomorrow, people will start joking about him and me being gay, thanks to Dream asking me to kiss him at the end of the video. I was speechless when he said that, though I knew he was joking. Whatever.

We'd successfully managed to beat the Ender Dragon, giving me a strong sense of accomplishment. I mean, it's not every day that you beat Minecraft. It's weird, who knew that we would bond over something as small as Minecraft? Well, I can't really call Minecraft small. New players have literally been pouring in after PewDiePie started playing it.

A buzz from my phone distracts me from my thoughts. I reach out for it – and knock over my glass of water in the process. I jump up and look down at my desk, groaning as I realize I've spilt it over myself. I grab one of my dirty t-shirts and mop the desk. Thankfully the water hasn't seeped into my keyboard, though it has invaded my mouse. I groan again and start wiping it clean with the dry part of my t-shirt, then test it to make sure it's still working. It is. I sigh in relief and get out of my chair.

The water has mainly fallen onto my crotch area, which makes it look like I've peed myself. I laugh at the thought and head over to my cupboard full of clothes, grabbing my phone along the way to see who messaged me. My heart leaps when I see it's Dream. 

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