Chapter 2- S.H.I.E.L.D

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Rose decided to explore a bit of New York City. It sure was different from where she grew up, well anything would be. She stopped at the base of Stark Tower. There were rumors that it was being turned into Avengers Tower, but Rose didn't care enough to verify that. She stopped staring and kept walking, stopping wherever she please. She didn't go to the more popular areas of town because people were always quick to stare at the homeless-looking kid. Even if it meant taking the long route, she would avoid these areas. Today though, she decided to explore them. The night before she patched up her clothing and cleaned it. You would only notice her clothes were worn out if you really looked at her. She walked into Times Square and couldn't help but stare at all the lights. Night was just starting to fall, so everything was even brighter. She hadn't seen anything like it, not even noticing it captured all of her attention. She bumped into a teenage boy and snapped back into focus.

"I'm sorry, that was my fault," Rose said backing up.
"It's alright it was an accident. I also was distracted, so it's partially my fault," he said.
Rose got a good look at him. He had brown hair and eyes. He looked to be around her age. They stared at each other for a second.
"Uh well I should get going," Rose said.
"Right right, I'm Peter by the way," he said sticking out his hand.
"Rose," Rose said shaking his hand.
They parted their ways. Rose didn't think about it again, and neither did Peter. Rose just couldn't shake the feeling this wasn't the last she would see of Peter.

Rose looked at the sky, and could see all the stars. She didn't mean to walk for that long, but she was quite far from where she normally stays. She looked around to see a new building being built. It was on the edge of the island New York City sat on. She stared at the construction sight beyond the gate, when someone in a suit walked up to her.
"Hey kid why are you just staring?" The man asked on the other side of the gate.
"What's being built?" Rose asked with a cold tone.
"A new Shield facility," the man said.
"Shield? The group with the big floating ship in the sky?" Rose asked.
"How do you know about that?" The man asked in an extremely serious tone.
"It's kind of hard not to see it," Rose replied
"It has cloaking tech, how did you see it?" The man asked stepping closer to the gate.

Rose realized she revealed too much. She excused herself and sprinted down the street. The man yelled something and opened the gate chasing her. He called for backup, and within minutes there were 3 people chasing after her. Rose never came to this area of New York, so she didn't know the buildings' layout at all. She got cornered in an alleyway, and knew she had to fight. The 3 Shield agents cornered her, and she knew she couldn't let them capture her. If she used her power, that would put a bigger target on her head. She ran at them before they could pull out their guns. They all engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Rose knew they would be good fighters, but not as good as her. Soon they were all on the ground, and there was blood running down her face. She sprinted down the street, and heard something that sounded like an engine behind her. She ducked into another alley and realized the engine was coming from above. She looked up to see Iron Man chasing after her.

"Well this is fucking great," Rose muttered as she kept running. Everyone pointed to Iron Man as he flew over their heads. Rose knew she wasn't faster than his tech, so she had to think of something fast. Rose kept a small sheath strapped around her thigh that held her knife. She took it out, and held it just in case she needed to fight Iron Man. She was told her knife was made of something called Vibranium, and it was the strongest metal on Earth. Iron Man closed the distance on her quickly, but she didn't want to do this in public. She turned around and ran back to the Shield facility-in-progress. She hopped the gate and hid behind some of the trees there. It was a mostly unused part of the city, so there was plenty of room to fight in secret. Soon the engines stopped above the tree she was hiding behind.

"I'll admit, I'm surprised you managed to avoid me for this long, but unfortunately for you, you give off heat. Heat that my scanners can read," Iron Man said while slowly lowering to the ground.
Rose didn't respond, and clutched her knife closer to her chest. Once Iron Man was within her reached, she jumped out from behind the tree. She stabbed the knife into his suit with ease. She pulled it out and used it to run. Iron Man could feel his shoulder bleeding, and didn't understand how she got that blade through his suit. He chased after her, but realized her lost her. He flew up higher to try and see her. He called for backup, and kept searching for her.

Meanwhile Rose was running down the street as fast as she could, making sure to always stay under something. While she was running, someone in a red, white, and blue uniform stepped in front of her. He held out a shield in front of him, preparing to stop her.
"Great Captain America too," Rose thought as she looked for an exit.
The only two options she has were to run at him, or turn around. At this point, she didn't have enough space to stop and turn around. She ran at Captain America, holding her knife. He held up his shield to block her as Rose leaped at his shield. Her knife collided with his shield, but only scratched it.
"Remember, only Vibranium can stop Vibranium," and with that old memory, Rose realized his shield was also made of Vibranium.
She used his shield to boost herself up, and try to keep running. Captain America grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the ground. She fell and laid with her backpack keeping her torso propped up. She was looking up at Captain America, and he went to grab her. Rose panicked, and grabbed her right wrist with her left hand. Her hand began to glow a blue light, and a beam of energy shot out and hit Captain America in the chest. He was knocked back for a second, and Rose used this to stand up and run away.

Rose hated that she did that, but she had to escape. She kept running, until she felt something pierce her shoulder blade. She looked to see some sort of arrow in her. She suddenly became extremely tired, and collapsed to the ground.

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