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Dustin Breding 

Kelly Breeding 

Patrick Breeding 

Carnell Breeding 

Bryan Breeding

Meline Rodriguez  

Pamala Rodriguez(Meline's mom) 

Chris Rodriguez(Meline's dad) 

Maya Lopez(Meline's best friend) 

Anthony Williams(Meline's boyfriend)

Our story takes place in New Orleans and ATL


-Meline p.o.v 

All my life I want to perform..but I can never perform without a group,I'm from new Orleans but moved to ATL after hurricane Katrina..I'm very shy,but very outgoing when I'm with a group of ppl I know...I sing,and dance

-pamala p.o.v 

I'm Meline's mom...I'm a retired fashion model from Brazil..today I have my own clothing line called Pettie Closet

-Chris p.o.v 

Desendnet of creole and Cuban also mel's dad..Im an architect so I travel a lot..I'm packing for Paris

-Anthony p.o.v 

Hey..I'm mel's bf...I love her...but she ain't giving me what I want...se just keep saying she saving herself for marriage...I ain't ready for marriage...but hey she fine I'm willing to wait..maybe

-maya p.o.v 

I'm Mel's best friend...I've been here friend for yrs....we're like sisters..I hate her bf..he's such a jerk..but if she loves him I'll support her..isn't that what best friends are for?!

The breeding brothers

-Dustin p.o.v 

It's ya boy Dustin...I love them chicks...but ppl think I'm a womanizer...but I'm not...if they willin to give it I'm willin to take it...I just haven't found the right girl to settle down with

-Kelly p.o.v 

I really love my music...I take pride in it..no time for girls...not until I'm ready...

-Patrick p.o.v 

Wass up its ya boy Patrick....I just love having a crowd around me but right now I just need somebody to looove...lol...anyway Im looking for someone to like me for me not because I'm part of the group B5*sigh

-Carnell p.o.v 

I love our fans..some of them can be crazy doe...lol..anyway..I'm really into God and photograph..I'm single but that dont't mean a thing

-Bryan p.o.v 

I just broke up with my girl..she was cheating on me...I still can't believe it...we were soo close...but I guess that what happens when you leave for your tour..looking for love

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