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Rosita was a very kind, fragile, and innocent soul.

She would always be there for her friends, family, classmates, and even strangers. She was there for me when I went into rehab. She was really the only one there for me.

She also very good at hiding her emotions. At a young age she had a great childhood. Two parents, only child, a BIG house, she had everything she wanted. Until she hit age 7 when she came back home to Haul trucks taking all the stuff from her family home away.

She didn't understand until later, when she figured out her dad was a fraud. He took out to many loans and couldn't pay them back. So they moved from a big house to a tiny ass apartment.

Rosita met me around this time and told me all about it. She said it wasn't a big deal since she still had her parents.

Yeah... she spoke too soon.

Her parents started arguing a lot. And I mean a lot. They would always bicker about the dumbest thing like, who is gonna take Rosita to school, and who is gonna pay these bills. Yada Yada. Until her parents got a divorce and her dad moved to France.

So she never got to see him again.

She grew sadder the next years. Her mom always had someone new in the house everyday and when Rosita wasn't nice to them, her mom would call her rude and nasty

Rosita was diagnosed with depression at age 12, same year she met Fez, her mom didn't buy her anti-depressants or even give her a therapist cause she thought Rosita was doing this for quote on quote attention.

This made Rosita sadder and she grew to have suicidal thoughts. She always talked about it to me or Fez. She didn't really pull through with shit like that until she took like 7 ibuprofen pills each day until something happen.

She only threw up.

After that her mom grew to become ruder. And Rosita became more sad to the point of not eating for 1 month, surviving off of water and sugar cubes.

Me heading to rehab gave the chance for Fez and Rosita to grow closer. Fez didn't want to admit but he had feelings for her. The thought of her protecting others and being sweet even after all she went through made him grew this attraction.

He knew he had to protect her.

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