Better Left Unsaid-Chapter 1

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hello (: thanks to everyone that real the last chapter...yes, all eleven of you haha, but what can i expect? its only been up for 24 hours. anyways, here's chapter one of Better Left Unsaid.



I dragged myself out of bed. The measly four hours of sleep i had gotten would just have to be enough to get me through the day. I pulled back pale pink curtains lace curtains-matching everything else in my room- to reveal the outside world.

Ashbrook Heights was your picture-perfect white picket fence happy neighborhood. Each house was two stories tall, plus a basement, complete with a two car garage and a stone driveway and walkway leading to the door. Every family was competing to see who could be more perfect, therefore grass was neatly trimmed, painting was up to date, and every house looked like it came straight out of a magazine. Except for mine.

I, Ainslee Ashlynn Kramer, had a 'family', if that"s even what you'd call it, that was far from perfect. My father left when i was three, leaving my mother with me and my brother Daniel, who was nine at the time. He came back two years later, when i was five. That was the same time my soon to be best friend, Jace Carter, moved in across the street.

The Carter's introduced themselves the day they moved in, and my dad, trying to be the father he never was, introduced me to their son who was my age. We were in the same kindergarten through 5th grade class, took the same electives in middle school, and did everything together. We were inseparable. Then, right before eighth grade, my dad took off again.

Sixth and seventh grade were just like any other school year, we walked to and from our school together, tutored each other in different subjects, spent more time at the other persons house than our own, it always seemed to work out that way. My house was the place to go if we just wanted to talk or be alone, a good place for homework. Daniel, before he moved out, was usually out anyways, and both my parents worked late. On the other hand, Jace's house was where we would go to hang out, watch movies, and eat. His mom stayed at home, and made the best food I have ever tasted. He also, being an only child with a rather well-paid father, always had the latest games, toys, movies, etc.

But during those first two years of middle school, we were also the most popular guy and girl. Everyone thought we were dating, or made bets about how long it would be until we did begin dating. But Jace and I always swore we only felt like siblings to each other, and that was true. We were friends, maybe more like brother and sister, but nothing more than that.

In eight grade, I became more and more distant from Jace. He told me more than once that he was tired of always guiding me and holding up the conversation on his own. Each time i merely nodded, unable to fully explain to him what had happened with my family. Of course he knew, i had told him about my so-called dad leaving and my mom quitting her job, soon to become an alcoholic who was never home to take care of her kids. He also knew that Daniel had moved out at that time, but i had refused to go with him, saying i could take care of myself, and someone needed to be here for my mom in case she ever decided to get a reality check. That year, we drifted apart until it was too late.

Our friendship finally ended the night of the end-of-summer party at Tyler McKay's house. After being bothered by our closest friends besides each other, which were a very select few people, we finally agreed to go as a couple. As awkward as it was having people look at us differently, we still had a great time. Nobody in our grade was into the whole "hooking-up at parties" thing yet. But that didn't mean the older grades weren't. Tyler's older brother, a junior, and his friends crashed the party, and brought beer, too. When Jace went to go talk to some of his friends from basketball camp, I somehow ended up talking to the group of juniors. After a few beers, everything went fuzzy. All I remember was hearing people tell me Jace was looking for me, and being driven home by one of the older guys. The next morning i realized i had ditched Jacez for some guys i barely knew, and instead of us walking home together, he walked Kat Meyers home, and they've been dating ever since.

Now, i pulled back my curtain to see Jace our standing in his yard, talking to our elderly neighbor, Ms. Fitz. He was wearing just a polo t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts, obviously not yet changed into school uniform. He laughed at something Ms. Fitz said and memories came rushing back so fast i almost fell over. I used to make him laugh all the time, whether it was the crazy things i did, of the ridiculous things i said. I sighed, closing the curtain, and went downstairs to get breakfast and start my day.


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