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            The light of the sun shone through the curtains of my room as it was rising. I jolted awake, not because I had a nightmare but because something felt... off. I looked out the window to the empty street. As I got out of bed I heard a knock at the door. I stood up and looked around my room, it was to dark to see anything other than vague outlines. Whoever was at the door knocked again. I left my room and ran down the stairs. They had a soft velvet carpet covering them. When I got to the door there was a sticky note on the door, it read, had to go into work early today, see you after school, Love mom. I opened the door not thinking much about the note because it's happened a few times before. When I opened the door I was greeted with a friendly face. "God what took you so long," it was my best friend Josh Farlic, "we're gonna be late for school."

            "SHIT, I FORGOT," I exclaimed in shock as I ran back upstairs to get changed. I hurriedly changed into a pair of jeans, a striped shirt, a black zip up sweatshirt, and ankle high socks. I run back downstairs almost tripping on my way down.

            "We got 15 minutes to get to school which, in case you've forgotten this too is 13 minutes away" Josh said in a know-it-all voice.

            "Yeah so lets get going," I say while grabbing a granola bar. We both rush out and start running down the street that more and more people are showing up on. It's quiet where I live. My house was off to the side of the town with a 10 minute walk on a road through a forest just to get into town. Me and Josh have spent years playing in the forest surrounding my house. We were running down the street towards town when a giant gust of wind blew us off the road. We looked up to see a giant figure flying towards town. It was bigger than a plane, but overall it vaguely looked like one so we continued on our way, thinking it was just a bigger plane that was still being tested. We kept running down the street still hoping we wouldn't be late.

            "You think-*gasp*-we'll make it-*pant*-in time," I barely said through harsh breaths while looking down, my hands on my knees.

            "I don't think that matters anymore," Josh said with fear in his voice.

            "What do you me-," I started to question, but stopped as soon as I saw smoke rising from the town. There was a swarm of dragons covering the sky above the town, they would occasionally swoop down and either take out a chunk of a building or burn an entire street. They were too far away to make out any detains other than that they were huge and terrifying. I felt fear run through my veins as I took a step back. Without thinking I turned around and started running back towards my house, a few seconds later Josh followed suite.

            When we got back to my house I ran into the bathroom, turned on the light, put my hands on the edges of the sink and looked toward the drain. "You're dreaming, you're dreaming, none of this is real," I said trying to comfort myself. I looked up into the mirror, my short dark brown hair was messy because I never had time to make it look good this morning, my blue eyes were wide and had an intense look of fear in them.

            "Hey come here you need to see this," Josh yelled to me from the living room. I walked out of the bathroom and over to the living room to see that he had turned on the news. "Turns out we're the first town this has happened too."

            "But why us, why our little town with the least effect on the rest of the population," I questioned not really expecting an answer.

            "Well else do you think I would turn on the news," Josh said in his know-it-all voice. I went to retaliate when what they were saying on the news caught our attention.

            "-You should immediately start making your way toward the center of the country to one of the many safe zones we are setting up, but be careful we have seen many dragons slowly making their was toward the center of the country."

            For a few minutes we just sat there not knowing what to think. Then we decided to start packing for the long journey to the safe zones. We were almost done packing when all of a sudden a dragon's talons ripped through the roof of my house and tore it off. "SHIT," I screamed while grabbing my bag and a map then running out the back door. Josh was already waiting at the edge of the forest. We ran deeper and deeper into the woods while the dragon tore apart my house still searching for someone. A good 5 minutes later we finally stopped running and took a break. "Holy shit that was terrifying," I exclaimed adrenaline running through my veins "Do you think we lost it."

"I think," Josh said with a shaky voice, "so what do we do now."

"Find what way the safe zones are obviously," I said my voice now shaking horribly as I took out the compass and map I had grabbed.

 "Well then where are going now," Josh said, his voice leveling out.

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