Chapter Five: Futile Help

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I look at all three men whose faces has an upset expression on them. "It must be hard for a little  lady like you to live alone" says Kane sadly. Holden clears his throat and the room goes silent again.
   "Well since there is not much you remember and you have no serious injuries, you should be fine to go back home. There is not much we can do for you here, I will allow you to stay here for one night, but after that you must go home" states Holden. "B-But sir" says Jayce standing up, Kane stands there crossing his arms.
   "You both know well that if HE was here she would be gone by now" says Holden in a strict tone. Jayce tightens his right fist and Kane lets out a sigh. My heart beats a little quickly from the actions happening in the room, It is ok Jayce, I will be fine, I say to Jayce in my head.
   I really do not want to go back right now, what if the creatures come back to get me, I say in my head as a memory of that night comes back to me. Surprisingly, no pain follows behind the memory either. There is no point in telling him what I remember now, now that a decision has been made, I tell myself in my head. Laughter comes from outside the room in the hallway.
   "Jayce take her to the room she will sleep in tonight" states Holden, "Explain the rest to her on the way too". I look at Jayce, he nods his head and responds, "Yes sir". "Before you leave Ms. Eden" says Holden sitting back down at his desk, "If you do remember anything from the other night, do keep it to yourself, do not tell others".
  I-If I do remember, I question myself in my head. "Yes sir" I reply, I turn around and walk next to Jayce to leave the room. "Do not work too hard little lady and go live your life to the fullest" says Kane to me right before Jayce closes the door on him.
  As we are walking back through the hallways, Jayce explains what will be happening the rest of the night, "You will stay in the room that is reserved for you tonight, there is a shower and fresh clothes you can change into. Dinner will be brought to your room, do not leave the room under any circumstances"states Jayce with an upset tone.
  I take in all the information Jayce tells me and I think about it. Why can I not leave the room, I am not a child, I am a responsible adult, I tell myself in my head while we keep walking. "Well here we are" says Jayce standing next to a wooden door.
  "O-Oh" I say not realizing how quickly we were walking. "Someone will come to get you in the morning and escort you out" says Jayce sadly, "Not you" I ask politely while looking at him. "No, I am sorry, but I am needed elsewhere" replies Jayce with a sigh.
  "Ok" I respond while grabbing the door handle, "Thank you for everything". "My warmest gratitude, Eden" says Jayce grabbing my right hand and kissing the top of it, "Have a good night".
   I blush, let go of Jayce's hand, enter my room and shut the door behind me. For some reason, I could feel Jayce smiling from behind the door. He turns and walks away, his heels clicking down the hallway. I relax my heart rate and let out a sigh.

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