Chapter Four: No Explanation

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The three men stand there staring at me and I quickly become nervous. Two of the men are taller than the third man. The first man has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The second man has nice short, wavy black hair and brown eyes. The third man, who looks around my age, has light brown hair and brown eyes.
   Jayce closes the door behind me and says, "Staff Sergeant Holden, Kane" with a command wave. "Jasper, please leave us" states the man with dark brown hair, the boy with the name Jasper bows, turns around and walks out the room.
  "I have brought her" states Jayce in a strict tone, "At ease soldier" says the man with dark brown hair. I notice Jayce's tense body relax. "Well, well the little lady is awake" says the man with the black hair.
   "Sit please" ushers the man with the dark brown hair. My nerves spike a little more and my palms go sweaty. W-Who are these people, I think to myself in my head as I sit down on the couch to my right.
    Jayce sits on the opposite couch facing me. The first man sits from at the desk while the second man leans on the bookshelves on the right wall. I look at the man sitting at his desk, he takes a deep breath and then states, "My name is Holden, you may call me Staff Sergeant Holden".
  I nod my head and respond, "Y-Yes Staff Sergeant Holden". He then asks, "What is your name young lady". My mind goes blank and I do not respond. "Come girl, you must have a name" says the man leaning on the bookshelves.
   I do not know my name, what is my name, I think to myself in my head as I try to remember. I look over to Jayce with a blank expression looking for help. He just stares back at me with a confused expression.
  "I-I do not know my-" I say but then gets interrupted by Jayce saying, "Eden, Eden is her name". "What a wonderful name" says the man with black hair. I look at Jayce and he smiles back at me.
  "Me. Eden, do you remember what happened the other night" asks Holden getting up from his desks and walking over to me and Jayce. He stands in front of his desk, leans on it with his back and crosses his feet at his ankles. "N-Not really, sir, I do not remember much" I reply a little nervously.
   "Come on Holden, you are making the little lady scared" says the man with black hair walking over. He stops where I am sitting, bends over, looks me in the face and says, "My name is Kane little lady". He smiles and I feel myself blush a little.
   Jayce laughs and Holden sighs, grabs the bridge of his nose and closes his eyes. "What" ask Kane straightening up and looking between Holden and Jayce. "You tend to have a certain effect on people Kane" replies Holden looking at Kane and pointing to me.
    Kane looks at me and notices me looking away from everyone. "Oh, I do, I am sorry" says Kane with an expression of shock, Jayce laughs harder. "Anyways, back to the topic, are you sure you do not remember anything from the night before" states Holden. I straighten up in my seat and reply, "Y-Yes sir", "Relax, Ms. Eden, we are not here to hurt you" says Holden.
  "Take a deep breath and let it out" says Jayce touching my left knee lightly. I do what he tells me, and I feel myself relax. "Do you at least remember your parents and where you are from" asks Holden politely.
   Where I am from and who are my parents, I think to myself in my head as I wonder if I should tell them anything at all. "Anything you tell us will help us figure out the situation you were in the other night" states Kane with a smile.
   I wipe my hands on my pants legs and let out a sigh. "I-I have no parents and I live alone in a small house" I say clearly, and then the room goes deadly silent.

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