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"Princess, today the king invited you to dinner

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"Princess, today the king invited you to dinner."

Perfect, I thought. "So, I better be prepared."

I felt a chill when I looked in the mirror and saw a glorious red Hanbok on me.  Kyunghye complimented me as I moved my hands over the fabric of the dress. "You look so beautiful."

"Thank you." I tried to smile.


When I entered the room, I saw almost a dozen men chatting around the table full of food, which I guessed as princes and the king. Suddenly, an annoying silence filled the room. My heart was beating violently as if attempting to burst out of my chest. Shit, Which one is the king?

At the end of the table was a man with a very creepy gaze. He must be the king, I thought. I immediately lowered down my head and greeted him, "Greetings to you, my King." and I greeted others, "Good evening, my princes."

The king gave me an odd look  "Are you okay?" asked quietly and took a sip of his drink. There was still a strange silence that I started to hate even more. A slight laughter distracted me from my thoughts.

"He's not the king, I am." The boy with a big smile on his face got up from his seat and hugged me.  I was still very surprised when the laughter increased, I couldn't even hug him back. The boy looked disappointed. "I am Eun, you don't remember me huh?"

I shook my head. "Forgive me, I-- I lost my memory."

"Yes, they informed us. I guess, I have to give you a piece of quick information." He started introducing everyone in the room. He said he was the 10th prince Wang Eun and we were very good friends.

Silly me! The man I thought was king was actually Wang Yo, the 3rd prince. Did this man want to kill me?

"Have a sit Inhyeon, my father is going to come soon."

When I sat next to one of the princes I smiled anxiously at him. "Hi--" My voice was so low as I tried to remember his name "Baek-ah?"

He smiled when he heard his name. "Hello to you too, beautiful."

No, you look beautiful, I thought. Abruptly, images flashed through my mind. I tried to catch them but they were blurry. I was becoming nervous. My hands began to tremble, and Baek-ah sensed it. "You okay?" whispered as he reached out, putting a hand gently on top of my own.

"I can see from your eyes that you don't remember anything. Take it easy, I'll help you."

Immediately after I realized that Wang Yo was staring at us, the king entered the room.

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