The Transfer.

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Abigail Bethear

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Abigail Bethear


The elevator dinged on the fourth floor of the government building, people bustling around as they had places to be and not enough time. The BAU emblem was painted on the glass door as a security guard led a woman through the entrance into a wide room filled with bulletin boards and a large number of desks.

        "You'll find Agent Rossi office up there."

        "Thank you." A woman nodded to the officer and proceeded to walk up the stairs to the second floor, glancing at the handful of people in the room staring at her.

Morgan watched the blonde knock on Rossi's door. "My god. Is that his new wife?"

      "She's so young," Emily added as she watched the woman step into the older man's office. "Gold digger?"

Morgan shrugs picking up the stress ball Emily had on her desk, he had originally come to take lunch orders, until the blonde caught his eye. "I don't know, we'll hassle him later."

      "Who was that walking into Rossi's office?" Spencer Reid questioned as he watched the woman  nod her head through the blinds.

      "Not a clue."

The door opened and together the blonde and Rossi exited, making their way to Hotchner's office.

      "She's well dressed," Reid commented as he watched Aaron open his office door. "I think she is here for an interview."

     "I don't know." Emily scans the woman. "Most women would wear a pencil skirt for an interview."

Morgan whistled. "She'd look nice in a pencil skirt."

       "Guys." The group of 3 looked up to see JJ leaning against the railing. "Conference room."

      "Oh, we might have a new case!" Emily shot up snatching her stress ball from Morgan and placing it back on her desk. "Come on."

The group sat in the conference room, questioning JJ endlessly.

     "It's been a few years since we've had a recruit." Garcia squealed. "Was she pretty?"

      "We only got sight of her back, strawberry blonde."

     "She was in a pants suit."

Garcia put her hand on her bulky necklace. "OH, a boss bitch."

       "What did I walk into?" Rossi asked as he pushed the door open. The team looked back and forth as Hotchner and the lady entered the conference room.

       "Hello." Morgan greeted as he looked over the new woman. "Who are you."

Hotchner dropped a pile of papers in front of the man, causing him to tear his gaze away from the blonde. "Agent Morgan this is SSA Abigail Bethear, she will be joining our team as our abnormal psychologist and negotiator."

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