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It was a week since I woke up

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It was a week since I woke up. I still couldn't believe I was in the Goryeo era. They said they found me while drowning in the pool. I've been getting a nice treatment for a week now. Maybe everything was an illusion and maybe if I fell asleep again I could go back to my warm cozy bed in Seoul.

"Princess Inhyeon"

I couldn't get used to calling me 'princess' and someone else's name. The maid girl who had been serving me for a week had brought my medication. "Thank you Kyunghye"

"Can you show me around?"

It became silent around the room as Kyunghye didn't answer right away. "B-but y-you are not fully recovered."

"Please Kyunghye" I whined. "Please, I feel so bored and I can't remember anything maybe a short walk can help me remember."

When we went to the garden of the palace, I was fascinated by the scenery I saw. Spring was in the air. There were beautiful white flowers. White was a word that could never describe these wonderful flowers. They, exactly looked like snow to me.

Then, we suddenly stopped when we saw the pool, glittering in the warm rays. I felt a strange feeling within me. I felt as if we should not be here, we were never meant to be here.

"Was that an accident?" I asked.

Kyunghye went white. "My princess..." she said without looking me. However, it was not so easy to keep quiet as she thought it would be. "I saw things."

Impatience was beginning to surround my entire body. "What did you see?" I was not sure what I was doing exactly, but I grabbed Kyunghye by the shoulders and stared into her eyes. "What did you see Kyunghye?"

Just before the girl was about to break into tears, she was able to say a few words. "That day, 3rd Prince, pushed you into the pool."

"Who the hell is 3rd Prince?"

She was shaking with fear, "Don't you remember?"

I shook my head while I was trying to be calm. "Don't be afraid Kyunghye, I just need answers."

Perhaps, my travel in time could have something to do with the third prince.

"I trust you at all costs but-" she hesitated for a moment, "I shouldn't say bad things about the Prince, after all I'm a simple maid. Who believes me?"

"I believe you."

"My princess, I've heard rumors about you and Prince Baek-ah. They say the king wants Baek-ah, the 13th prince, to marry you."

I shook my head as I released Kyunghye's arm. "I don't understand--"

"I think everything is connected. There have been many rumors in the palace since you came from a wealthy and strong family and everybody knows that the great king loves you like you're one of his children. "

I should meet the famous third prince, I thought. "Shall we go back?"

"As you wish, my princess."

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