Chapter 8

Katy's POV

  I woke up on my own, and looked over at the alarm clock ten am... I tried to figure out where I was at when I remembered that I was adopted, and living with five guys...well that is a plot twist.  I slowly got out of the bed and yawned a bit, rubbing my eyes in the process. 

I shuffled on the clothes from yesterday because in my eyes, they were still clean... I only wore them for about two hours.  Walking downstairs, I smelled pancakes, eggs, and ham cooking.  I walked into the kitchen to see Harry making the food, and the rest of the guys except for Zayn sitting at the table either on their phone, reading the newspaper, or reading a magazine.   

  "Morning Sweet Pea."  Harry said to me, him over at the stove.

"Mornin" I replied back, sitting next to Niall who was on his phone. 

 "Morning, did you sleep well?"  He asked me.

 "Yeah, like a baby."  I replied.  All of the boys looked at me and smiled except for Harry cause he was still cooking. 

  "Haz makes the best pancakes you'll ever taste."  Louis said to me, smiling.  I nodded to him and smiled back...and that is when Zayn stumbled through the door.  To be nice, he looked like a run over meerkat....

  "So...when are we going to the mall?  I need some hair products."  He said, running his hand through his mangled hair. 

  "Uh...after we finish eating breakfast?  I'll go ahead and call the mall to tell them that we are coming, and security.  We may need more than usual because of Katy."  Liam said, getting up and walking out the door.

  Wondering what he was talking about, I was about to ask the guys, but Harry set down a plate of giant pancakes.  Holy that blueberry syrup? 

I grabbed a plate and got two pancakes, and grabbed the syrup, giving the pancakes a smiley face.  The boys had various fruits, so I grabbed the raspberries and made eyes for my pancake man.  I put some strawberries for his mouth and nose; then blueberries for his hair.  He looked perfect. 

 Niall looked over to me and down at my plate, showing a grin. 

  "I DO THAT TOO!!!"  He said happily.  I looked at his plate to find one kinda like mine...but with strawberries for the eyes, raspberries for the hair, and blueberries for the mouth and nose.  Niall brought out his phone and put our pancake peoples' plates side by side, and took a picture.  He did something, shut off his phone, and began to devour his person.  I smiled and did the same, laughing when Louis grabbed one, cut out eye holes, and a mouth hole, put it up to his face and screamed PANCAKE MAN!!


  "Ok, there will most likely be paparazzi there so just hold our hands and we'll protect yah.  Don't say anything to them, no matter what, just look straight ahead and smile."  Liam said to me while grabbing his keys and wallet. 

  "Gotcha."  I said, I don't know why there would be paps for normal people but...what ever.  They will tell me why later.  Why protrude now? 

----------------------------------------20 MINUTES LATER---------------------------------------

  Once the range rover had parked, I understood what Liam meant by the paps being there, but I didn't know that there would be so many...

  Louis and Harry got out of the car and walked in front of us, giving us a little room to walk out.  Niall and I went next, then gave room for Liam and Zayn.  We all just went through the paps, being making sure that my eyes were right ahead.  The paps' microphones and camera equipetment poked and prodded at the guys and I, and I began to feel very uncomfortable.  I started to feel dizzy and clasped onto Niall's hand. 

  "WHO IS THIS NIALL?  IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND HOW OLD ARE YOU LITTLE GIRL?  HARRY ARE YOU DATING TAYLOR SWIFT?  LOUIS IS IT TRUE YOU'RE GAY?  LIAM ARE YOU REALLY DATING DANIELLE OR IS IT BECAUSE OF MANAGMENT?  ZAYN ARE YOU STILL SMOKING?"  These were just a few of the questions that were fired at us.  Soon, I clamped onto Niall's hand harder, and he felt it.  We were only about half way to the mall Niall lifted me up bridal style, which took me by surprise, and ran to the mall entrance.  The guys soon followed suit.  We started to get closer and closer to the entrance, we were almost inside when Louis spotted a pigeon. 

 "KEVIN!?"  Louis shouted and made his way to the bird.

  "LOUIS GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE! THE PAPS WILL CATCH US IF YOU DON'T LEAVE KEVIN ALONE!"  Zayn shouted at Louis.  This was all just scary.  I never felt anything like felt like a life or death situation...of course it probably could have been if it was just me alone.

  "KEVIN, HOW ARE YOU?  DID YOU HAVE FUN SHOPPING?"  Louis asked it just me, or did Louis go insane in the span of ten seconds?  Harry somehow knew that this would take a while, so he ran to the bird and screamed at it until it flew away...poor bird.  But I bet that the paps will love that story. 

  Harry then grabbed Louis' hand and ran inside, the rest of us right on their heels. 

  After we were sure that we had lost the paps, we took a break at a fountain.  After a few minutes, the boys and I decided that we had best start walking around, in Zayn's words... before any of their fans saw them.  I still didn't undersand what they meant...I know that they had to be somewhat famous to have paps and fans...but what are they?  Actors?  Singers?  Reality Stars? 

Niall took my hand and we all started walking in no particular direction. I let my mind wander off to what my life had become. One day I was in the orphanage, getting called names and being physically hurt. The next day, or months, I was adopted by some random British boys and went to the hospital. I then I properly met them and realized that they weren’t that bad. My mind, yet again wandered off to what had happened before the mall, and remembered that I wanted to talk to Harry about his… room.  Yes I do understand that it really isn't my business with what he decides to put in and around in room, but I just wanted to make fun of him!

"Hey Niall, can I go over to Harry, I need to talk to him about something?” I asked Niall.

“Yeah, sure. I think he is with Louis, but behind us.” He answered. “Thanks.” I said, and I turned around to go to try and find Harry. I looked around for the curly hair boy, finding him and Lou looking at a cart that was full of remote control helicopters.

“Such children.” I thought to myself as I made my way ever to them.

“Hey Harry, can I talk to you for one minute?” I asked him as soon as I got to them. Both he and Louis looked up at me and he nodded, grimly.

“OK.” He said, looking afraid. I went to the wall, opposite of where Louis was because I knew he would make a big deal about the small joke about what I was going to say.

“So… what did you need?” He asked me.

“Well, I LOVE YOUR ROOM!” I yelled, but not loud enough so that Louis could hear the conversation. Harry blushed a bright red and covered my mouth with his hand… it scared me. I am pretty sure that my eyes showed fear in them because he immediately let go when I let out a little whimper.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry Katy; I didn’t mean to scare you!” He said quickly, with his tone sounding apologetic.

  “Um... it’s… ok… I’m fine… I guess.” I said, wanting to get away from him. I hung my head down low because of his eyes. They looked too much like my father’s pair. Harry sighed, and I felt a finger slid up- underneath my chin, forcing my head up. My head stopped moving when my eyes met his eyes. I saw regret flash through them as if he had done something wrong. Harry then crouched down to my level, and gave me a hug, a bone- crushing one at that. Surprisingly, I hugged back.

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