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The sword strike me and I didn't really feel a thing. It happened so quickly that I barely noticed when the sword sliced my skin, spraying the blood everywhere.

I fell to the ground and my body felt numb. But then again, I always had a rather useless body. Being numb was not something special or weird. I am used to it by now. However, my pride isn't.

I am a Marquis. The lord of the North. I help rule the North in the stead of the King. And yet, here I am, lying on the ground. I could hardly move my body. I shouldn't be surprised to find myself being surrounded by my own pool of blood. I watched as the wound continued to leak out blood and I could feel the warmth leaving my body. I started to feel cold.

Perhaps, I was going to die today. I closed my eyes, suddenly feeling very tired and overwhelmed. I have always accepted the fact that I was going to die one day. Or rather, I always knew that death was never far away from me. It loomed over me with its ugly claws, constantly haunting me.

But today, maybe, it's the day that death would finally win. I was getting tired of it's teasing anyway. I took in a deep breath, allowing myself to prepare myself for my own death. I could feel my consciousness fading.

However, as my consciousness was fading, I felt a sudden twinge of worry. Who would look after my sister now?

Or the North?

Oh dear.

I never realized that being a Marquis came with so much responsibility.

Perhaps I shouldn't have become the Marquis. After all, a sick person like me never had any claim for that. My father trained my sister to be Marquis and he expected nothing from me except that death would claim me early. Unfortunately, he died very early and I was given the title because I was the oldest.

Perhaps I should have abdicated. But my sister was too young to rule back then and she would have only been made into a puppet. Honestly, I didn't want that for her. If I die today, I would still be a little worried about her ruling the North. She is only slightly older now but I do have hope that she would do fine.


But I think she'll be rather upset with my death though. She has always been a very emotional person. I still remembered how my father's death affected her. 


I could feel myself drifting further away. I wondered where Benedict was. He was my best friend. My only friend actually. I wished he was here so that I could make him promise that he will look after my sister. I just wanted to know that if I do die, my sister will be taken care of. As for everything else, I didn't really care.


I find it funny that my last dying wish was to take care of my sister. Honestly, I never knew that I cared so much for my own sister. I just looked after because it was my duty as an older brother to do so but I didn't know that I actually cared. It's funny actually. I just hopes that she doesn't cry too much in my funeral.


I heard a voice calling out my name. Slowly, it got louder and louder.

It was Benedict's voice. I am not used to his voice that was so filled with panic and urgency.

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