Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D Chapter 5

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Sorry for taking forever! >.<

Last week the teachers were mean and decided to give projects for like almost every class and all these recruiting events happened. Then this past week, I've had the flu and let me just say, it was pretty gross. I threw up everything I had and I've been all snotty.

So yeah now I'm home alone(those bastards left me to go christmas shopping! >:o) so I'm typing :3

I wanna try to make a chapter in Andrew's view, tell me what you think?

please? with cheesecake on top?

Enjoy :D


Andrew's POV (earlier that day)

I woke up to the sound of Undisclosed Desires by Muse playing. I let the alarm finish playing the song before I rolled over and smacked the alarm. I looked at the alarm and saw that it was ten. I stared at it for an entire minute before chucking my triceratops pillow pet at it. Yes, I'm 16 and had a pillow pet. And what?

I rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thump. Stupid gravity, why doesn't it turn off a little? I got off the floor slowly and went to one of my boxes on the right side of my room. I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a Green Day shirt. I got a pair of briefs and some blacks socks and got a towel that I threw on the floor yesterday. I decided against bringing my clothes in so I just laid them on my sapphire comforter and took my towel with me, eager to shower. I felt disgusting--like a gummy bear-- from trying to help Michael make a pie for Jason yesterday. It only took us five tries to get it right...I'm not sure about the taste though. That is exactly why we order take out and do not, I repeat DO NOT even pick up a frying pan. Those things are only useful as accessories.

I went into my black and white bathroom and turned the hot water on. I tapped my foot impatiently and stuck my hand in, only to have my hand singed by the heated water. "Gah! Stupid heated hydrogen and oxygen! Stupid Dad, stupid Benjamin Franklin," I grumbled as I pulled my hand away. I need to be more patient. I sighed and turned the cold water knob on. I waited a little longer than before--two more seconds to be exact--and stuck my hand back in. Ah...so much better. I slid off my gray muscle shirt and my plaid pants and briefs and closed the sliding crystal shower doors.

I shivered as the water hit my body, relaxing all the stiff muscles in my neck. My mind became more clear and then I remembered that today was the opening day for that café Michael and Jason were opening. I'm pretty sure it's called Simple Pleasures Café. They wanted me to dress up or "cosplay" as they put it. There is no way in hell I'm dressing up as Sailor Neptune. I don't give a shit if my eyes "look almost the same as hers". Instead, they gave me the job of being that one person who seats people. Oh joy. Having to seat a bunch of skanky girls and stuck up jocks. Not.

I sighed and began to rinse my body with some citrus body wash for men. I inhaled the scent and let the water rinse the dirt off of me. I felt something sticky behind my ear so I scrubbed a little there and a piece of pie crust fell out. Ew. I shampooed and conditioned, then got out. I walked over to my black granite countertop sink and picked up my blue toothbrush and brushed my teeth before rinsing it with mouthwash. I applied lotion before stepping out of the bathroom.

I walked into my bedroom and dropped my towel. I heard a “whoa!” followed by a crash outside and I wrapped my towel around my waist again. I looked outside my window and I saw a teenage girl had crashed into a lamp post and her bike was two feet away from her. I felt so violated! I started to close my curtains when I heard the little stalker say, “You’re hot!”

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