1. She bothers me

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Before starting this book is a sequel of Now and Forever. However it can be read stand alone. Tighten your seatbelts because though this will be a book of only eight chapters but it's going to have a heavy plot.

This book will be divided into two phases:

Phase 1- Our tainted now

Phase 2- Our finite forever

I wasn't planning to write one sequel but just because many of you requested I came up with this plot. I am still in doubts. So I am only going to continue if you guys support me.

Phase 1- Our tainted now

Chapter 1 "She bothers me"

"What do you-" Manik's word caught in his throat when he was suddenly pulled out of the car by a man in black hood. He then slammed him on the back door of the car, choking him. Manik struggled to get the man off him but the man's hold on him was so strong that he could barely even wriggle.

The man moved closer towards his neck but right then someone threw the man away from him. Manik breathed in heavily as his vision got blurry. He could see a girl through his blurry vision.

"Are you okay?" He heard a sweet voice a moment later. He tried opening his eyes to see the girl's face and just when his vision started getting clear, the ringtone blared in the background, snapping Manik out of his dream.

Manik groaned in irritation. Almost every night he had this dream of a girl. Sometimes the dream would be of her saving him and sometimes them sitting on the beach beneath the starry nights. And just when his vision would start clearing or just when she would turn to face him, either someone would disturb his sleep or he would himself wake up.

Half asleep, he picked up the call, only to be even more irritated on hearing the voice of his cousin cum best friend Cabir. "Hello."

"Speak up."

"Manik I got a mind-blowing idea for the upcoming ball."

"You woke me up this late at night to say this." He snapped. Irritation had started to boil him up by now.

"Yea it's important."

"Get to the point." Manik tried saying it calmly.

"Okay. So how about we wear matching outfits? Like we both don't have anyone to take to the ball. So we can keep each other company. It's better to have someone than noone."

"Cabir! Hang up before I come to your room and suck up all your blood." Manik bollocked.

"But my blood won't be tasty. Anyway come to my room then we can have a face to face discussion-" Manik cut the call in annoyance, even before Cabir could complete, and then drifted into a deep slumber.

The next morning he woke up hyperventilating. "What was that?!" He breathed in heavily. "Find the crystal, you'll find her." He repeated the lines he heard in his dream.

He could feel emptiness lingering in his heart. This feeling wasn't anything new for him. After all he had always felt this way but today of all days he felt anxious too.

He let out a helpless sigh. The girl haunted him in his dreams and ruled his thoughts in the day.

"Who is she? Why does she appear in my dreams again and again? Was she the reason behind me feeling void?" These questions arose in his mind every single day but he had answer to none of these.

He was so sure the incidents that he used to see in his dreams had never happened in 200 years of his life.

The sound of the door blared in the background, breaking his chains of thought. He looked towards the door, only to see Cabir entering inside with two glasses of red blood in his hand.

"Good morning my honey." He wished, putting the glass on the bedside table.

"Don't honey me." Manik warned, glaring at him.

"Okay honey I won't honey you." Cabir grinned, only to be awarded by a pillow.

"Shut up."

"So did you see the face of your dream girl today?" Cabir asked, sitting on the bed.

"She is not my dream girl. She just bothers me." Manik corrected, before taking the glass of blood from the bedside table and taking a sip of it.

"But you let her bother you. If you had wanted you could have just found yourself a replacement."

"You sound as though I am love struck for her."

"Well, aren't you?" Cabir looked at him. "You have been looking for her for the past 100 years and she is the only reason you attend the Grand ball every time it's held. After all that's the only place where vampires from all around gather."

"Sometimes I hate that you're so sharp-witted." He complained.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Okay it's true that I attend the grand ball for her but I am not in love with her." He denied, sipping his drink. He had all along been curious about her. He felt as though she was
the key to all his questions but no he wasn't yet in love with her, at least that's what he thought. "Leave that. Find some information about city hospital for me."

"City hospital?"mused Cabir as he looked at the blood in his glass. He was sure he hadn't heard of any hospital of that name. "Okay I'll search for it but what did you exactly see in your dreams this time? Were you saved by her or were you two just talking or something else?"

"Well it was just me this time. I was lying on a hospital bed. The sound of the beeping machine and the calender of city hospital in front me cleared my doubts of where I was." He explained, recalling even the smallest thing of his dream. "Then my eyes started dropping and before I could pass out completely I saw a blurry image of a man in front of me, who whispered in my ears, Find the crystal, you'll find her."

A moment of silence stayed in between them, before realization dawned upon Cabir. "Crystal? Do you mean the vampire crystal?" He blurted.

"I guess so." Manik acquiesced.

"But I heard it's just a legend."

"I don't know either but is there anyone among the vampires who knows about this crystal thing?" Manik asked, keeping his glass aside and plopping out of the bed.

"Ummm well yes I heard the Blue moon clan's counsel advisor is in search of that crystal."

"Blue moon; Now that's going to be a problem." Manik frowned, running his hands through his messy hair. Their clan, the black never got along with the blue moon clan ever since their ex so called lord Harshad had tried attacking the blue moon clan.

"I got to pull off some strings." Manik said, gently caressing the pendant that he had been wearing. He did it every single time he felt anxious or nervous. It was as though it helped him to calm down."Well do you know the name of the counsel advisor?"

"Nadh- no Nandini... yeah! Nandini."

On hearing the name, Manik turned to face Cabir, suddenly anxious. "What did you say?" He asked her name yet again.

"Nandini. Why? Do you know her?"

He gently waggled his head in 'no'. "I don't."

Though he was sure he didn't know her, strangely the name felt familiar. "Nandini." He mumbled under his breath, tightening his hold on his pendant as he thought,"Strangely she bothers me."

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