Fuck Me

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"Looking for someone?"...

"Are you the Principal?" The man looked like he was in this early forties, had chocolate brown hair, dark brown eyes that could have passed for black, and fair skin. He had a few wrinkles around his eyes, but that was about it. He wore a black suit with a purple tie.

"Yes, that's me. Miss Booker why don't we continue this chat inside, shall we?" He opened the door to his office, and held it out for me. I walked in and sat on of the two chairs in front of his desk.

He closed the door before walking over and taking his seat behind his desk.

"Principal Suoh-"

"Please call me, Yuzuru."

"Okay, Yuzuru-sempai. I wanted to know where I can get my schedule and a map from."

"Ah yes, wait one minute dear." He stepped out the room, closing the door behind him.

I was left alone for a while until he came walking back in, before sitting down once more he gave me a sheet of paper. Guessing it was my schedule.

"Miss Book-"


"Okay Erin that's your schedule, and the map is on the other side of the sheet." I turned the sheet around and what ya know there was a map on the other side.

"Thank you Yuzuru-senpai." I got up. "I'll be on my way, I don't wanna be late for my second time today."

"That's true, well have a nice day Miss Bo- I mean Erin."

"Right back at ya."


School went by quickly, and I wasn't complaining. I been placed in class 2B. Yes I'm sophomore and I have such a potty mouth... so what? Also not so long ago I found out there were only 3 years of high school in Japan. Maybe it wasn't so bad moving here after all...

Then I met a girl in class, her name was Sora Iku. She had long fiery red hair, that was placed in a pony tail. Sora had brilliant blue eyes, that would twinkle every time she smiled. She was beautiful, she even made the ugly yellow dress seem to seem pretty.. and that was saying something.

Sora invited me to music room three. I asked her what for, but she didn't tell me. I thought about it, but I shot it down. I have better things to do than to attempt to play an instrument.

I made my way out the building and dialed James number. Five minutes later James was pulling up besides me.

"So how was your first day of school?" He asked as her drove off.

"Alright, nothing special happened. Oh I did meet a girl name Sora." I laid in the back seat.

"Oh you did? Do you like her?"

"What the hell James? I ain't gay." I glared at the the back of his head.

"Miss Erin I did not meaning it like that, I meant do you like her as a friend."He chuckled.

"Well I guess, shes a nice girl."

"That's nice to hear."

"uh huh."

"Well did you make any plans to hang out?"

"She did invite me to the third music room but I didn't want to waste my time trying to play an instrument when I could do something better like eat cookies or watch a movie."

"So I'm guessing you have no homework?"

"I do."

"Oh so you want to finish your homework before you start having fun."

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