Chapter 7: the one where hero saves heroine

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Emily P.O.V

It was Friday. I had meeting with Mr. Reeves today. He was a 55 years old man, very rude and all bad things. He was getting on my nerves because he cancelled our meeting thrice. Two times last week and one this week. But today finally I was meeting him.

I was waiting for him in one of his hotel lounge with my P.A Sarah. She is very hardworking, sweet girl 22 years old. She is very efficient in her work.

Mr. Reeves came with his P.A some blonde who probably applied every bit of make up available in this world. Anyways I am here to do a meeting. I had to ignore Mr Reeves obnoxious and annoying behaviour as he was really profitable for our company.

"Hello Mr Reeves. Shall we start the meeting?" I asked in my most professional tone.

"Ofcourse Emily. Thats what we are here for." He answered rudely.

Throughout the meeting, that blonde whose name I found out is Veronica was all over him. I found it rather funny. But what was bothering was his stare, so creepy. Unable to control his stares I got up.

"Excuse me, I need to use washroom. Sarah you can go home, your mother is sick right?"

"Thankyou mam. I will mail you the notes soon." She said and left.

I went to washroom. After doing my business, I was washing hands when suddenly I was pushed to the walls by Mr. Reeves.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I shouted.

"Keep your voice low Emily or else..."
He shouted back.

"Or else what huh you bastard."

I was pushed back again. This time with much more force. He put his hands on my chest and with other hand started pulling my skirt.

I was pushing him with all my strength. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I started shouting for help.

"Help! Help! Please inside the washroom."

Chris P.O.V.

I was here in restaurant to meet Adam but then he got a call from his office. He had to leave for an emergency. I was leaving too but suddenly I heard a girl screaming for help. And that voice sounded familiar.

When I went there, it was coming from womens restroom. I pushed the door opened and it revealed Emily on the floor with her skirt almost up. She was crying miserably and on her was a bastard.

I marched towards them and grabbed him by collar, started giving him punches here and there.



I was really angry. I got so possesive about Emily. Because seeing her cry, I just lost it there.

By then copsx came and took him to custody.

Then I turned towards Emily. She was crying like anything. I was feeling so helpless. I went towards her.

"Emily! Are you okay? Did he hurt you anywhere? Did he..."

I was stopped because she hugged me tightly as if  her life depended on it. I too wrapped my hands around her protectively and kept soothing her.

"Its okay, love. Its alright. I am here with you. No one will hurt you, okay?"
I kept telling her.

Finally she stopped crying.

She looked at me and said,
"Thankyou Chris, thank you so much. I- I don't know what would I have done if you weren't here. Thankyou Chris."

"Heyy its nothing okay. Stop thanking me." I said cupping her face and wiping her tears.

She smiled at me.

"Please dont tell this happened to my parents Christopher. They will feak out and I dont want that."

"Why Christopher from Chris? I liked when you called me Chris." I said.

"You only heard that from the whole thing?" She asked.

"I wont tell a soul about this, okay? Now relax. Come on I will drop you home." I said smiling.

She nodded.

Whole ride was silent. But it was a comfortable silence.

When she was about to get down, I grabbed her hand, " I wanted to ask you something!"


"Will you go to the movies with me on sunday? I asked nervously.

"Movies...ofcourse I would love to come." She beamed.

"Great then. See you on Sunday. I will pick you at 6. And dont think of what happend today. Take care."

"Sure and thankyou Chris for today."

"Emily one more time you say thankyou i am going to tell your parents." I jokingly warned her.

"Ok ok byee." She put her hands in front.

I reached home,  took cold shower and started thinking about the day.

When I saw that man on Emily my blood boiled in anger, how dare he touch my Emily!!

Wait what? My Emily? Where did that come from?

What are you doing to me Emily?


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