Chapter 27: The Shoal

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Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

We went out the next day, and thanks to the mindset Mike had put me on, I was careless about what other people thought. He was right, it's our relationship, not theirs. We had decided on going to the Shoal as a little date and to just shake off all of the negative emotions from the previous days.

We stepped into the neon colored world filled with arcade machine screens blaring, inklings hanging out by themselves or in groups, and a whole snack area. "This is probably my favorite place. You know besides home," Mike commented. "Oh yea, I've been knowing you loveeee video games." I giggled, though it was my idea to come here today. I just figured that we could take our minds off the past events and just have fun.

Together of course.

Mike tagged alongside me, holding my hand tightly. We occasionally made eye contact with each other and just smiled happily. Of course, out of the corner of our eyes we could see other inklings judging us. Though, naturally, we didn't care. We pretended like we were in our own bubble.

"Hey, Mike and Sarah is it?" An inkling girl approached us, accompanied by another inkling girl. Mike and I nodded in unison. "You guys are so cute together! And well we've seen all the backlash you guys have been getting, and I'm glad you don't let it ruin your relationship."

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

Both Sarah and I were caught pretty off-guard with what she said. It seems like this was the first time we've ever been complemented on our relationship. Even her friend behind her was nodding in agreement. "I honestly wish I had a happy and carefree relationship like you two." The second inkling said.

"T-Thanks!" We both smiled widely, with a slight pink blush on our cheeks.

"Yea of course!" The inkling girls smiled and walked past us.

That comment pretty much made our day. More inklings approached us, and were even little to not judgmental at all. We talked to a couple of them, and a lot of them seemed pretty chill about it all.

"It seems as if more people are being more accepting of the two of us being together." Sarah smiled as she played a game of Pac-Man. Leaning over her shoulder I responded, "Yea I'm glad they are, less hurtful comments and more potential friends after all." Sarah smiled, still staring intensely at the screen in front of her. "You might want to get the power pellet now." I suggested. She turned around to look at me and grinned.

"I know how to play Pac-Man." Sarah said as they locked eyes.

"Oh really?" I asked back, getting a nod and a quick kiss on the lips in response.

"Wellll, there's a tiny problem."


"You died in your game."

We both laughed upon the realization, though it was a laughter that was filled with more happiness than the usual.

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