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warning; smut (overstimulation)

It started harmlessly. Harmless gazes, harmless smiles, harmless blushes. There wasn't anything to catch on to, because it was nothing. Just mates being mates. Then teasing began.

Harry was on edge about how the boys thought about him. Always had and probably always will, that's just his personality. The reassurance he received went a long way, but he was ultimately always back towards square one.

"You're quite gentle with this, you know." Harry said, keeping up the confident, lewd act. A split silence follows before Tobi breaks the ice luckily, Josh not even facing Harry.

"Stop flirting with him," Tobi speaks, satire filling his voice. Josh laughs, making Harry a fumbling mess, quickly covering it up with a quick response but a blush permanently placed on his face.

"He said he's tryna get some bomb cock." He said smoothly, continuing to place mascara onto his eyelids. Harry looks up at him, a glint in his eye as he saw Joshua wink at him softly.

That was just one incident.

Harry sat safely and quaint away from the boys; he continued to dabble in conversation with them hopelessly. His hands digging into his pizza as he talks to Ethan about something.

"It's a little bit fruity, but it is what it is." Harry finishes, his eyes trailing back to the floor as he stood talking for a bit.

"You're a bit fruity, so it's alright." Josh says, his mouth curling up to a smile. The others didn't realize the joke, but Harry stared up at him in awe before quickly coming up with words to replace his surprise.

"Thank you, I appreciate that." Harry giggled, then reaching out his hand to fistbump Josh softly. Josh found Harry's response unexpected but quickly responded by returning the gesture and giving him a small nod.

"Are you flirting with him?" Jj intervened, which the others follow in pursuit as they laughed. Josh goes to glare at Jj, but Harry looks down slowly causing him to change his appearance. Jj slowly sits back, feeling the tension he caused as the rest of the boys sat back laughing.

"Nah, we're just friends." Josh replies, sitting back. Harry looks back at him with a pity smile, before sighing and continuing back to his retreat of quietness. His mind still going at a 100 miles per minute.


Josh was sat back at his chair, his apartment quiet and lonesome after the fallout with Freya. Deciding to chill some before his evening stream, he takes off his headset pulling out his phone.

*1 missed call from Haroldinho*

*25 messages from Sidemen*

*5 messages from UKYT*

*2 messages from Haroldinho*

Haroldinho: Hey Josh, I called if you didn't see.

Haroldinho: Could you call me back when you can?

Joshua was quick to place his finger on the notification to call Harry back. His leg shaking as he heard the loud rings in his ear. The texts odd but not very unusual, but he just wanted to make sure he was okay.

"Hello?" Harry said timidly, him laying on his floor. He knew who it was. But there he was, biting on his fingers, scared to speak to one of his best mates for no reason.

"You alright, Bog?" Josh smooths. The sweetness of Harry's soft voice made him smile; It was adorable, if Josh were to explain it. But he could hear the hesitation, and that's what confused him.

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